A Day with the Brightest Smiles

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3rd Meeting with our Chosen Community Daycare Center


I'm currently in my 4th year proper in Dentistry. We have a subject in this course wherein we interact with a specific population in a community. And for our group, we have the Middle Quezon Hill Daycare Center.


In the past meetings, we did some dental check-ups to assess the needs of the children. We were able to know the problems that need attention for it not to worsen as time goes by due to lack of proper intervention.

Our Goal

Our group's goals for the remaining meetings are to formulate and execute a plan to address these problems and to lower the prevalence of caries.

Our Plan

Our plan for today was to do some dental education for the little ones and parents who are present as well. We prepared videos for the students to watch: Effects on teeth when eating too much sweets, proper diet, and proper toothbrushing. Gladly, they participated very well.



As seen in the picture they're really focused on watching. 😁😁😁



A Little Game for the Kids

The video had a little game in it wherein the kids chose the right food for each meal. They're really excited about it. There are kids who are really active, some are shy tho, but it was okay because we can still see that they are cooperating. Of course, these kids chose chocolates, ice cream and fries. 😂😂😂



Proper Toothbrushing

They also watched a video portraying the proper toothbrushing.



Toothbrush Time!

After educating the children and parents on proper oral hygiene and diet counseling, we went in the covered court to assess and guide them in their toothbrushing activity.






I even captured some of their brightest smiles ❤❤❤




The supportive and loving parents waiting for their child ❤😁



It was a tiring day but the moment you see their smiles and hearing them laugh makes everything so worth it. Sharing something as little as it may be is something that we can be proud of at the end of the day.




Hey @chiquikate !

I found your post in your entry that @terminallyill is having now.

This is absolutely wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing all of those kids learning about something so important. This is a wonderful thing that you all are doing. Well done!

I gave your post a resteem as well :)

Awww ❤ Thank you so much for the appreciation. Hope to do more of this in the future. :) Thank you for the support! :)

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