Missin' Home (A Poem for the Place where I Belong)

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Maayong Adlaw (Good Day) Steemians!

Here's an original composition of a poem devoted to my family, to my first home.

It's been a long time since I had last visited home.

I miss there, I miss my family, I miss the people, I miss everything in a place where I first belong.


As I reminisce I felt the sadness,

Of a man who has been apart for so long.

I miss my Mama's gentle voice whispering,

"Wake up, breakfast is ready, don't let it wait too long."

I miss my other siblings, chatting while sipping coffee in the morning.

The room where I first sleep and where few dreams were made.

My five-year-old nephew who always volunteer to massage me.

My favorite buko juice I drink almost everyday.

The relaxing scenery that makes my day.

Life there is simple and colorful.

Laughter is everywhere, freely given.

The place where I'm comfortable, no insecurities.

Home is where I find my first true love,

Even if I've been in many places,

truly home is where my heart is.

Thank you for spending time to read.

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Home sweet home. 😀💖