My Life's Biggest Regret Contest

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    If only...

    Every now and then I admit I wonder what might have been...

    I am not spared with regrets. I have lots to regret about. The greatest one is not pursuing my career dream to become a Veterinary Doctor. I am an animal lover. Since I was a child, I have compassion for animals - especially dogs and cats.

    I remember when was in Grade 1, I was 7 years old, I saw this stray kitten from a classmate's neighborhood. Her mother told me not to touch it because it is a stray kitten but I took it home. At first my parents were mad, my sister @marieeugene and my brother didn't care. After begging them to let the kitten stay in our house and agreed that I will be the one to take care of her, (from feeding to cleaning) my parents agreed. Few weeks later, she was the star of the family. They loved my kitten as she gets along with our dogs. Haha!

    Back to my regret, I was 16 then and my mother enrolled me in this university which pioneers Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) course - the only school that offers in Panay that time. Everything was settled - from my tuition fee to my boarding house. When we were back in our house, I realized most of my classmates were taking their courses away from me and I felt I was left out. (I know guys. I wasn't thinking.) I was torn to follow my dreams to take care of animals and being with my close friends in another place. So I kept begging to my mother to cancel everything and enroll me to a place where most of my close friends are studying too. I took up AB-Psychology and graduated 4 years after. I also love this course but I will be more proud of myself if I take DVM which is close to my heart. I should be treating animals by now or got my own clinic for animals. Ahh! I am still heartbroken. I am still disappointed with the decision that I made.

    To my fellow steemians especially to all who are still studying, take up the course that you want to be 5 years, 10 years from now. Follow your heart. Follow your dream because of​ we only one shot in life. If others are taking a different path​ to yours, don't follow them. Keep going where you want to go. So you won't be asking yourself

What ifs...

This is my entry for @jason04's contest about biggest regret.


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Pero ok ka naman ngayon

Yes mam. Minsan sinasabi ko lang kung nag vet ako, di ako magkakaanak ng ganito ka cute. LOL