Tears of joy thank you very much @surpassinggoogle

in #untalented-contest7 years ago

Hi steemians, words can't explain how happy I am right now only tears of joy can. And I owe all this to @surpassinggoogle you said there will be something for everyone in the #untalented contest and it has happened to me.
image Image source : pxleyes.com

I just got my first highest payout from the #untalented contest. I got 7.1 sbd and 1.01 sp and this will go along way to help me although I would have loved to follow your advice of keeping it but I need it seriously to buy a new phone as my current phone is giving me serious.
If only I have another means to buy a new phone, although I wiil not convert it immediately as I still want it to appreciate to $10/sbd but how I wish I could leave it for a long period of time.
Thank so much @surpassinggoogle for organising the #untalented contest, many lives have been changed emotionally, intellectually and financially. I believe there are still more lives to be changed as this is just the beginning and I believe I won't be the only one to shed this tears of joy.

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