Amazing Adjustments that have happened to my life Since I found Steemit-Am blessed!!!

First of all,I thank the Almighty God for the gift of life. It's cos am alive i got blessed by steemit.
I don't know how to express my feelings of gratitude to @ishortz and @ungest for introducing me to this platform.


When I stand to recall the days before November 20th 2017, the day i signed into steemit, I count myself unworthy.
Naturally, I grew up as an independent young lady. I love making my own money and supporting my parents. As an entrepreneur, I did some things to make money but the struggle was tough, I can bake, I make liquid soap, I sold bed sheets, the list is endless. Not that they didn't fetch me money, but i always felt it wasn't enough. I liked growing financially.


I love earning in seconds, so i wasn't satisfied. As a student i longed for a part-time job, so i saw an opportunity to be a real estate agent in a company. I grabbed it and I was employed but payment is by commission.
I haven't made any sells or rent till date even after spending time and money to follow up clients. I went completely broke and worried.


*** I feel like screaming...🙉, since after my first payout on steemit, money keeps coming in. I have been a blessing to lifes .
I don't know how but he did it
I now give anyhow to anyone because steemit keeps blessing my life. My family is getting better, my church members will soon be enjoying new sets of musical instruments all cos of steemit
Truly a man can't give what he doesn't have.


Here are some of the amazing ways steemit has contributed /adjusted my life

  1. A boost in my reading / writing abilities

Truth be told, i never liked writing much, I am fluent in English, so i preferred talking.
Am not the kind of student that takes a lot of notes in class but i try.
Since i joined steemit, no one had to tell me I needed to start writing.
At first, I copied and pasted from Google and cheetah always welcomes me 😂. It commented on my post thrice, so i decided to start dedicating my time to writing.
Am a student and i read but only school related articles, steemit taught me how to read articles on different facets of life. and it's a plus to my academic skills.
I now read anything that comes my way

  1. Time management
    * Wao, on this it wasn't easy at first.
    I adjusted from facebook... Am not the instagram freak, but before i met steemit, I spent all my time on facebook and whatzap.
    Now the story is different, though my friends on facebook say am ignoring them, i tell them am steeming. I have introduced some of them and still on it.
    About my friends, i made amazing adjustments...i did cut down on the girls gossip because of steemit.
    About school, I am yet to experience the adjustments since i joined during the holidays.

In my church it has made me a devoted lead singer in the choir and more prayerful.
You know when you will be praying for a whale like @surpassinggoogle to visit your blog . Always praying for my visitation hour.
Steemit has amazingly adjusted my ways of giving.
Patience and commitment ain't left out
I haven't been so committed like this all my life
There's no day i don't check steemit since i joined.
I wish I was a graduate before i joined steemit, It has already fully employed me 😁.

Thanks to @surpassinggoogle
And #untalented team for putting up this contest.
Thanks to @samstikkz and @ewuoso for always guiding.


yeah, a very big congrats on your adjustments so far,
Do you know that there are great benefits yet untapped waiting for you here in this paltform?
all you have to do is just explore, read, feel at home,
share your passion with friends and get rewarded for it.
Also, engage on contest there you will see and rate yourself how good and
better you've become since you joined the platform,
i will really advice you to be actively involved in any excercise untalented family are doing,
learn from @surpassinggoogles inspirational post
develop yourself And steemit will make you laugh,
remeber also to make new friends they also contribute in developing your solid foundation
on this platform The Reward will be just a bonus.
Interact always to the community, make friends and share it to more people.
This is the little i can do now to inspire myfellow steemians, i know with time i will have all it takes to inspire people greatlty
just like @surpassing google is doing to all of us.

Lets make steemit number 1 this 2018..

and we are saying STEEM ON!! THANKS.

okay have hustled but I throwway salute for your hustles girl; you deserve all the money you get here. Keep Steeming!

I really impressed to read your story.
Your writing style is very captivating.
Steemit is really a great opportunity to everyone for a bright future.

Waoh, this is so touching. It's getting even better my dear. And the prayer aspect, we will organize fasting so all those whales will be upvoting our

Congratulations on your changes dear

Engineering students love the copy and paste 😂😂😂😂, it's kind of our lifestyle. But thanks to steemit we're developing ourselves. Keep the good work going buddy.

Carry on the good work @utomobong.
But carry me along mbok