THANKFULNESS TO STEEMIT - Amazing things that steemit has given me.

Greetings! To my co-steemians, and to the whole steemit world!!!

Just WOW! I cannot explain how grateful I am now. Why? Because right this time, I am handling the first fruitage of my effort, and hard work to steemit.
I consider it hard work because despite being too busy in school work, I'm trying my best to find time on steemit. The fact that I can't afford to lose the opportunity given by steemit.

This is it
My Portable Hard Drive 😊

My External Hard drive.
It's my first redemption and payment, so I was thoroughly thinking where to use it, or what I spend for. Then I come up on my decision to better buy something useful in my studies.


My Portable Hard Drive that I can use to save more files with regards to my school homeworks, researches, projects, and many more.

As a result I am proudly showing to you one of my achievements.
Steemit do really help me a lot as a student. It doesn't only help our financial problems but it also increases my knowledge in things that I should know as I grow older.
Steemit does really help to change a one persons life.

Again, I am expressing my heartful appreciation to the steemians, for the help and support, because you are always there, extendimy your upvote to my posts.

Much more, I am sincerely thankful to @steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle, who is always giving support to us, to make our earning points higher.
Thank you very much!


Please support @surpassinggoogle as a WITNESS by VOTING him at and type in "steemgigs" at the first search box.
If you want him to be your proxy in voting for witness, you can visit and type "surpassinggoogle" in the second box.

@surpassinggoogle is a generous and kind person, I may not know him personally but I am thankful to him and I do fully support him as a WITNESS.

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I'm happy for your success! You deserved it.

Thank you ate @shula14

Wow.. Spent your earnings wisely :)

Yes po 😊

Congatulations @sisoneng.
Double blessings.:)

Opo, thank you po. 😅

Congrats RJ! We're happy with all the achievements and blessings you got! Keep it up 😊😊

Thank you ate irene! 💕

That's nice. Reaping the fruit of your labor with the help of fellow Steemians.

Yes sir. Thank you. :)

Galing talaga ni rj, congrats 😊


Congrats :)

Thanks po. :)

Good job @sisonengg. Keep on working with steemit.

Congrats men! 😃

Congrats and spending you earnings here wisely.