Steemit is an amazing place to me - Amazing Adjustment That Have Happened In My Life Since I Found Steemit - contest by @surpassinggoogle

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Steemit is a amazing place to me, because after I've joined here, my life changed in a such good way!

I began to learn a lot of new things and I get such great support from the community here on Steemit!
Also I can write and improve my English skills here.

The main thing is that the upvotes on Steemit gave me the ability, goal and inspiration to realize my dream about drawing, because Steemit gave me to financial freedom and I have much more time for drawing!

These're my drawings :



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STEEMIT is the place to be in order to unearth talents you never knew you had and to polish the existing once you have got. You never know what you have until you engage in a task continually. Practice makes for perfection and STEEMIT offers the platform to practice daily and be motivated by rewards. I never knew I could write until I joined STEEMIT and had to be putting down some stories. Am currently working on a story I just imagined and I will soon start a series here on STEEMIT .thats the kind of opportunity the STEEMIT platform offers. Awesome picture,you nailed the horse. How about giving the horse a grass to graze in the picture. It will be so adorable