Amazing Adjustments That Have Happened To My Life Since I Found Steemit (@surpassinggoogle untalented contest)

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When I found the untalented challenges from @surpassinggoogle, I thought this life changing experience will be the best post for it!!

Now for steemit I am just a new member here as before steem I was always being busy in some of social media and just wasted my time and it gives me nothing!
Many others told me that you are getting your self stuck in the usage of these things, as I always get into the things and always told me that you should use them but in timely manner!!

Then one of my friend @hassanabid give me the idea of the steemit community!!



My brother @vali95 also taught me about the steemit how to post on and earn from it, bla bla bla..

And told me that all the knowledge and stuff thats makes you happy are also available on steemit sites!!

And if you get to use it you can also earn from it and specially you don't have waste that much time as before you does!
So its about January 2018, I started working on steemit and now I am very happy and saves much time for my family and friends!

Senior members of steemit are so much supportive to the newbie's and always support the talented members.

Thanks to my lovely friends who bought me on the right path and always there for me!!
And I am also gaining a large amount of knowledge of cypoto-currency from here!! Now I am hoping best for the 2018 for all of us!!

Thanks you everyone as when I started here the community also supported me!!

Some amazing and funny moments of my life:



Many of my friends here on steemit:

and there are many more Pakistani's..

Thanks to all seniors who always support me, plz keep supporting me!

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I believe you find steemit fun by now


Yes buddy, its to much fun! And I m very happy to be a part of this lovely community..
Thanks for the very nice comnt.....

Hello @feddy97 We appreciate your participation in the contest.
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Thank you so much dear @teardrops for the opportunity, I'm so happy for that..