MY LAST MINUTE TESTIMONIES - Amazing adjustments that have happened since I joined steemit #Untalented_Contest by @surpassinggoogle

in untalented-adjustment •  11 months ago

Ok, this is supposed to be a testimony. But how can i testify without acknowledging some set of people that made the victory possible. I want to start from the orator of the contest himself. I was at a verge of giving steemit up when i came across his blog. @surpassingooggle has a kind of way he motivates people and that was what has kept me on steemit till date. And yes ,i say a very big thank you.

Shoutout to this wonderful communities

@steemnaira and @airhawk-project

They nurtured and groomed me to be who i am on steemit today.


I joined steemit late august 2017, and even the person that introduced me has lost hope and gave up steemit already.

But then i dont want to measure my steemit testimony by the number of SBDS i have made or by my Steem Power or reputation.

I also do not want to measure it by what i have been able to acheive with the payouts because even all of those is not enough as testimony.

But instead, i would testify by saying i have been able to

touch lives.


I know you must be wondering what i meant by this. Well the picture above says it all, i can say in one way or the other, i have been able to affect the lives of those people by a %

I will start by saying, i added @hadebaryor to steemit, he happens to be my brother and i saw potentials in him, even at his tender age, and i can say that he followed the laid down guides and today, his profile say it all.


Another person i added that will always make me proud is my one and only @aderonkemi. When i was introducing her to steemit, i tried as much as possible not to dwell on the reward but instead the potentials embedded in steemit. She keyed in and upon joining steemit, she explored wide and large and since i was sure of her prowess capabilities i was sure she would not be needing much tutor, i went further to building my steemit career while i watch her from a distance. And i can boastfully say that today, shes more than a testimony to me.


Another person i would love to talk about is @tadour007, he is a brother and a friend, i added him to steemit in less than a week now and so far so good, he has established himself and he is ready to learn and explore and really, he has lots of potential yet uncovered, watch out.


This testimony would not be complete if i fail to mention my sister @mzkara who, i added her too in less than a week and so far so good, her blog can say it all, she's someone i know would make me proud as shes always willing to learn and practice new things.


What more can i possibly ask for than i already have? This people are awesome and they are more than a testimony for me, yes steemit has:

  • Changed my life and status

  • It has offered me a platform to meet wonderful people from around the world.

  • It has help sharpen my horizon and thinking faculty

  • It has instilled in me the habit to value and appreciate every little things that comes my way.

  • It has taught me the ways of life.

Steemit has done for me much more than i can explain in words because even word elude me in this case.

Ultimately, i want to thank the creator of heavens and earth for preserving my soul and guiding my way towards steemit... I owe it all to him.

Thanks so much for reading


Badge by @ambmicheal


Badge by @ambmicheal


Toon by @camzy

amb 2nd skyblue.jpg

Toon by @masummim50

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A Successful Man Is Not One Who Have Done Well For Himself Alone, But One Who Have Successfully Impacted Lives Positively. Indeed, @ambmicheal is Strongly Working towards attaining such Enviable position where successful people With Warm, effervescent Personalities rejoices as they watch people Around them Become more successful Through them. I Am So Proud to have met You Brother. You Are one Like a Dozen.


I am honoured bro... Thanks so much


What a lovely comment! You truly have said it all about him. A true role model...

Oh dear! I am really grateful that you took the initiative to add me to this platform and forever, i would be grateful. I am glad i could do you proud. I hope to make you prouder. You are truly a life changer and i love you for that. Thanks for touching my life in ways no one can and thanks to @surpassinggoogle for giving us a chance to voice our thoughts. Resteemed!


You are welcome heartbeat... I adore you my bby and yes i love you much more..

Keep being amazing

Very good of you to do good in this world. We need more as such everywhere.
Yes I thank God to for making this space which can be used for promoting Love, peace, and righteousness.


Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes steemir promotes all of that for real

Thanks so much @ambmicheal for the privilege and for believing in me.
You're going higher that I know and can see heart you much :*


Heart you much more sizzy


I believe in you too sweetie! Amen to your prayers ans it was nice seeing you too yesterday 😍😍💕💕


Team Steemit...... We Havent Even Started Just Yet. 2018 will be Doper

Beautiful write up bro, Steem on and I'm glad I met you on this platform.


Gbayi brotherly... I bless the day our paths crossed

I upvote your post. If you have time, you can upvote this one in return.


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