Sentence Unscrambler #52

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Game Rules

  • First person to unscramble the sentence wins.
  • Winner will receive 50% STEEM from this blog post.
  • Reblog this post and receive 0.05 STEEM.
    *Reply with "Reblog" with your answer.
  • (Hint) will have how many words are in the sentence.
  • Older posts are recognised first if they have the answer.
  • No winner, funds will be transferred to the next contest.
  • Game ends after 24 hours, or when someone wins.

Example : mdvIolyoge.
Hint: Four words
Answer: I love my dog.

It pays to be smart, let's play....


Hint :
Hint : Food

Twitter @1Big_Word

Game Result

  • Winner : @steemerpat
  • Answer : Eating healthily is good for the body.

Thank you all for playing.

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Eating healthily is good for the body.


Congrats you won.


Terrific! Thank you. It was nice to see this one before someone else had already won it.




I think the first guy got it! So upvoted and reblogged!


I hope so. I'm usually thinking that about you!

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