Sentence Unscrambler #27

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Game Rules

  • First person to unscramble the sentence wins.
  • Winner receives 50% SBD from this blog post.
  • Reblog this post and receive 0.01 STEEM
    *Reply with "Reblog" with your answer.
  • (Hint) will have how many words are in the sentence.
  • Older posts are recognised first if they have the answer.
  • No winner, funds will be transferred to the next contest.
  • Game ends after 24 hours, or when someone wins.

Example : mdvIolyoge.
Hint: Four words
Answer: I love my dog.

It pays to be smart, let's play....


Hint :
Hint : Steemit

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It's a good day to introduce yourself on steemit.

Ha! That should be it. If so, I was close, but I missed it somehow! 🙈

You were so close at the end you put (to steemin. )Instead of ( to steemit. ) And then daut put (on steemit. )After i wrote out all the letters (to )were the only two letters left! Check mine bellow😊

Hi, @karenmckersie. I think your answer has one T too much and it lacks one N. After you write "t's a good day to introduce yourself", you have letters: ONSTEEMIT left - not in that order of course, but unfortunately you can't end your sentence with "to steemit".

Yes daut44 has it right! After i rewrote it , i got it right , but was too late ! I will keep trying! I love puzzles like this! 😉

Your right but some how when i wrote it out , i only had a( t,o )left over ,sovthought it would be to steemit! Oh well, so i missed the o some hoe it must be on steemit then instead! Lol

I love puzzles by @bola too. I also started my own contest series with different kind of puzzles - rebuses. You can check them out on my profile. 😊

It's a good day to introduce yourself to steemin.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I think that the answer could also be "It's a good day to introduce yourself to emetins." But I hope the first one's correct. 😝 Reblog!

Good try @barcisz, but your answers are not correct.

Its a good day to introduce yourself to steemians.
Reblog 😄😄

Its a good day to introduce yourself to steemit. 😊

Also reblogged.! 😊