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“Mom, why do they call it math problems? They should call it math adventures!”
This was the opening of a sweet conversation with Ivangeline where she shared vividly just how she saw math throughout life and how it brings her happiness.
“I love math,” she said. "Math makes me feel happy and you can explore math anywhere! Even if you’re just in your room, you can do math without even paper and pencils."
“I thought that there needs to be a way for others, who don’t really know math, to experience it." She then went on to talk about how she wants to share her experience with others through what she calls Ivangeline's Math Adventures Exploration. Right then and there, she drew out a rough sketch for her logo (“Because my daddy designs logos too.”). And with one flourishing thought, a new venture was birthed.
"We would start with a backpack full of things for our math adventure and then we would go out in the woods. Out there, out in the woods, there are a whole bunch of things that are math."
"For kids, because of their imagination, I would want them to be able to see amazing kinds of animals and how we can use math to help protect them. We would count the butterflies and how many different colors they had. Then add them up to get a total at the end."
The conversation went on and on, and I was blessed by every minute of it. What a beautiful reminder of how “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” -O. Fred Donaldson

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Have you considered that the source of the content might be their own website?

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It is correct, with any message or note that you share in the sources, it is enough to confirm the authorship of the content.

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