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I had become accustomed to writing on Steemit everyday and with it the time I needed to sit with myself. To let things just flow, let the words flow, my inspiration flow, sometimes my frustration flow. But now due to this fork, we have been forced to take a break, w wee steemit holiday to put it mildly. But I enjoy my time on here, speaking my truth and sharing myself with you all. It is quiet an intimate thing to do really. I have never been into social media before, because I did not want to be advertising myself online, but all that changed the day Steemit came into my life.

So much has happened in the last year that I have been on here and having this blog has helped me to process a lot of crazy stuff that has come into my life. I love how I sit down in front of this screen with lots of things in my head, lots of questions left unanswered, wanting to share and then by the end of my post I have mostly answered those questions myself. By creating the space I needed to lay everything out, I have given myself the time and head space I need to think clearly. So yes even though I should probably wait until my Resource Credits have fully recovered, I just can't seem to keep away from this one very important creative outlet in my life.

It is hard of course when there is very little or no interaction, but that is to be expected as things balance out on here. So today, I went about my day as usual with my 3 girls. We are in the middle of harvesting the almond nuts on the land, it is taking a little while as some of the trees are big and hang over the track. So today I was up the tree using my bamboo sticks to knock the nuts down, with a net on our side of the fence and my 2 eldest girls on the other side trying to collect the nuts before they got driven over.

I must admit that I do like to climb trees, there is a certain freedom to be had when you are up there looking down on the world below you. It brings me back to my childhood and the freedom I always felt outside, being wild. And then there is the feel of the tree that you climb, the exchange of energy. Almond trees are really nice to climb, their branches are real nice and strong and very inviting if I may say so myself. I have quite a few extra scratches today on my legs and arms, but I do always feel quite invigorated doing jobs like this. So those scratches are ones I am proud to wear.


I know there are many on here, who get to experience that feeling of fulfilment working on the land, being outside, sun on your body, wind in your hair, dirt under your nails. It is times like this that I really feel alive, happy and so very lucky to have my 3 girls working alongside with me. I know that they will have a real healthy relationship with the food that they eat. These almonds are for our milk and to make almond butter. Something my 2 eldest both know how to make. If there is one thing I want for my girls, it is an appreciation for the land that they live on, a natural appreciation that leads to them naturally finding ways to honour that relationship. Because we have no health, if we do not have a healthy earth. It is so important for everyone to realize, that what we need to thrive in this world, needs to come from a healthy earth . Something that so many of us see as being very simple to understand, yet there are twice as many, even more, who do not make that connection.

It's funny I had something completely different in my head when I started this post, something I wanted to get off my chest. But as is the way when we surround to the flow of writing, what came out is more important and I daresay probably nicer to read too. I hope all you lovely people are having a wonderful Friday.

When things balance out again and everyone is back engaging with one another, please take the time to check out @elamental Earth Deeds contest. You know every once in a while something comes along and you think, damn I wish I had thought of that, well Earth Deeds is just that.


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I'm glad to see you living your truths. Very refreshing and I wish it were the norm as opposed to being the exception <3

Hello tree climber! I've been missing you and everyone else too during this imposed break. I loved this little peek into your daily life!


hello beautiful, oh I couldn't keep away, well I did for 2 days, I hope you are well xxxx

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I feel a bit envious with you knocking down those almonds...aren't they hard to knock down? How hard it is to make almond butter?🤣😂
Gardening can give you that meditative feeling, isn't it? Hopefully, that's one of the reasons why building plots started springing in London, for a £50 rent a year. There's hope still.


hey @immarojas, once they are ripe and ready they are easy to knock and if you are not careful the wind can blow them done, and when that happens my dogs end up eating them.
Once you have a good blender almond butter is super easy to make, you can roast them for a little bit first as this helps to release some of the enzymes in the nuts and then you blend them up, if it looks too dry just add coconut oil and it tastes great xxx.
Gardening sure is very therapuetic and great to have plots in cities xxx


Oh even the doggies eat them cool..that's new.
Gives you that nice feeling when you see tiny plots and gardens along the road. They were not there few years back so yeah, urban gardening is springing everywhere.
Be well.

Hello @trucklife-family, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Wow thank you @creativecrypto I'm glad you liked this post and would be great to cross paths with you again xxxx