Unschooling Blog, Vol 21: A Steem-funded Montessori Education

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Steem is paying for my kid's school.

It's pretty amazing, but absent a market crash or some other unforeseen circumstances with bank transfers (fingers crossed) Steem will be paying for my son's tuition to a local Montessori school that has just opened up here in Niigata. This unschooling dad is pumped.

The school is 3 days a week, so my son will have plenty of mommy/daddy time still, and my wife and I will be able to deal with life a little less stressfully thanks to the community this school, Fiore, is offering. We are unschooling parents, and the Montessori model comes pretty close to what we are about. My son likes it there, and says he wants to go, so that's that.


(If you missed the last Unschooling Blog, "Learning Through Video Games," you can find it here.)



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as Facebook and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

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Thanks so much. Just followed, and will do on the tag. Cheers✨

Oh wow I wonder at what point STEEM can fund my children's education. right now I'm looking at homeschooling but unschooling sounds interesting. I'll find out more about it from your posts maybe?
Followed, upvoted and re-steemed. ;)

Cheers. Following back! Great to meet another parent looking at alternatives to the creativity-killing machine.

Thanks! I saw you had a live video on a few days back. I work nights so I couldn't join but I hope to catch the next one and see what unschooling is about.

very nice that we can create wealth and quality infos here for us!

resteem and upvote for you

Thank you!

u r welcome...

Great conversation here :) Are you thinking of setting up a Steem Unschooling series :)

Thanks, @j3dy. I do an unschooling blog series already here on Steem.

oh yeah I've brushed through some, but never stayed enough to read, so that is why it seemed "logical" :D

I could Google Niigata to find out it's in Japan, or you could update your post that is in English but may be unfamiliar to many. (I know it's in your self-descriptive signature). Not everyone here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada is as anal as I am, but everyone has an asshole (and nipples).

You got my vote for Montessori.


This comment gets my upvote for making me crack a smile.

Montessori offers a great education. My daughter was a Montessori kid.

Great to hear. From what I know of the "method" it's pretty true to real life, and focuses on kids largely leading themselves and following their own interests, which is exactly how it should be.

Exactly so. The role of the teacher is to be a coach or guide who lets the child follow his or her own play learning. Manipulatives help reinforce letters, numbers, colors and so on, and activities are designed to reinforce learning and encourage exploration.

Montessori is a great tool for homeschooling families. Also Sudbury schools are very unschooling in a school setting.

Yeah, I've always been interested in Sudbury. I studied elementary education back in university and ended up reading (and experiencing) myself right out of wanting to be a teacher. The book that changed my life was A.S. Neill's "Summerhill." Summerhill in England is probably the pinnacle for me of what a free school should be. I'm pretty sure the Sudbury method has been heavily influenced by Neill's thought and the Summerhill.

I never had any desire to be a teacher, but I knew that my son needed me to step up so here we are.

Nice post. Montessori schools provide a good education!

Really??? Steem is changing the world already!!!

That is truly amazing. Cryptocurrencies of all kinds are fixing our current corrupt financial system. What a time to be alive.

Way to go! Unschooling is the future if we want to survive the onslaught on our children's minds.


Keep posting on this; I follow the progress!

Your child is so blessed! Steem, Japan, Montessori! What a trifecta! The first thing that might happen to you is to be broken of the habit of calling little people 'kids'. ;) My ex-girlfriend is a Montessori teacher. I learned so much from her!

Haha. Is that a habit to be broken? "Little people" sounds a bit more patronizing to me than "kids," but to each his own. Kids are magic.

Looking forward to seeing what it's all about!

Oh, the "little people", thing was all me.. lol. I think they say 'children'. :) My girlfriend always said 'kids' are baby goats! ;)

I guess that's technically correct in some sense :)

I will at the very least be sure not to call my son "baby goat boy." 🐐

LOL... well, at least only if he earns that moniker somehow! ;) good luck!

Haha .. you know I'm thinking of the same idea. I wanna steemit to get more cash for my kids future too . Keep steemit my friend @kafkanarchy84 upvote and resteemed

Cheers, @bitrocker2020. Just followed your blog. Best of luck to you. Let's do it!

That's awesome! Steem can do amazing things :)

It is fantastic that Steem is paying off in such a great way. Montessori is the way to go. I currently have 2 children still at a Montessori school and my oldest who is now in High school certainly benefited from her Montessori education. They do live by the motto "Help me to do it myself". All the best wishes.

Thanks so much. Really appreciate that, and it is wonderful to hear about your kids.

They do live by the motto "Help me to do it myself".


You are most welcome. As I am following you - I hope we will all hear how it goes.

Awesome! Good for you and your family :)

As an anarchist and parent in a Kafkaesque world, I'm interested to know: What do you believe are important ideas not conveyed in mainstream media?

You can decline to answer. You can answer in a post. You can answer this comment section. You may feel free to contact me somehow.

And/Or soon you may consider applying your answer and ideas to my new project idea that I'm going to post (in several parts) soon, here on Steemit. I'm not prolific, fast, or graceful, but I think I've got something for overlapping communities and our world. Soon I'll unveil it, I'll persist with it until I can't, and time and reactions will tell what it becomes.

For clarity: I'm not a/the parent. You are.
I'm also progressive atheist anarcho-Marxist agorist-voluntaryist animator and creative director, whatever the heck that means.

I'm not sure if I understand the question exactly. I think most of the stuff the mainstream media talks about is hogwash...

Excited to see your project.

I'm excited about your excitement. I honestly hope I don't disappoint. I just want to finesse my presentation, goals, hurdles, challenges, etc. While this may or may not be the best place to "leak" this, it's not top secret and I can tell you what it's about. Here's the global premier of...

Open-Sourced Anti-Propaganda Animation Project #OSAPAP

I'll post my project outline, treatments, developments, etc on Steemit. Hopefully I'll earn community feedback, support, and involvement. Maybe I'll end up doing it all myself. Animation is a slow, lengthy process. In a world of countless talking YouTube heads ranting forever, my pieces will be short (15 seconds to 5 minutes max), sweet and to the point, ideally granting equal weight to anti-establishment education and edgy humour and design. I prefer quality over quantity. Kids will watch intellectually advanced content but not the other way around, so this will be aimed at adults, yet accessible for kids. Ideally, I'd like to eventually produce one or two a month. I have lots of ideas but the format and content are yet to be determined, hopefully with feedback and collaboration from the Steemit and other communities (whoever they may be). Perhaps others may take over the open-project and if it remains true I will contribute. Way more details to come in a forthcoming series of posts.

I agree that corporate media and education is nonsense. Consider this: What would you teach first, as the fundamental foundations, concepts, and important messages of such a project?

FYI: I fixed my question's typo. (It was missing "do".) You might better understand it now.

Very good :)