Some unnatural topics

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Today, I would like to express some natural issues that many people meet, but not at all natural. The nation how they've been through these annoying events for years now. He's not freaking out anybody. You know, I don't think I have an abnormality.

For example, I'm sure that this is an event where not all of you have heard the sound. 80% of the houses, except the hotels, can be found in a situation. You need to take a shower in your own home or at a friend's relative's home. You're entering the shower. Who didn't work for minutes to bring the water to a warm degree in that position for half an hour? Tell me, folks!

The water will not flow at a temperature that will please you from the damn shower head. Either boiling water is poured in hell on your head, or cold water flows like ice melted from the north pole. It's like there's no one. He heard rumors he would be given the Nobel Prize in the find anyway. It's one of the most annoying things I've ever done!

Talk about the shower. You shampooed your head. The foam flows from your eyes, it burns, but the water that will save you is flowing from the shower head like a rope. It's frustrating. If you have the knowledge to build so many buildings, why doesn't he get the water from the shower in the cabin, the landlords of my country?

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