Update For Unleash Power #7

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Weekly Update #7

This was a brutal week as the bottom simply fell out. First the price of steem dropped (along with sbds), but finally now the internal price has caught up so we can average in at the lower prices. We we basically just stuck all week long doing not much of anything.... The price of steem dropped again from a 2.68 value to 1.65 value in the last week. Even with all that negativity, we are still holding in there. Our balance of sbds increaded to $28 (+5), but our upvotes in the hopper dropped down to 49 (-$15) (see chart below). So we had a small loss as we essentially lost $15 worth of votes and but gained $5 sbd (note we did pick up some steem power, but that isn't what we mark ourselves against). The good thing is the market dropped from a bit over $2.68 for steem and now it is being priced in the mid $1s, thus we have handled the drop rather well. With the new system on steemworld, we can now see what is exactly in the hopper, so now we have about a net $53 sbds once the posts pay off, so that is essentially down $1 sbds from last week.

As a reminder, we are hoping to continue to build the sbds and wait for a price drop (which we got partially this week, so not all bad ;) ). If we get a price drop the goal would be to get a rate of 180 SP per steem per week... so for 13 weeks that would be 13 steem for 180 sp. The goal is to get the sbd up enough to get 130 steem... so going from 53 sbds to 130 is about a 2 1/2 fold increase. I think we can do that in the next month or so. (with a break)... That is now only a 2.5x growth rate, up from 3x last week... The goal will get clearer and more achievable as the days go forward!

If we reach those goals and target prices, it would mean the addition of 1800 steem or roughtly 3x what we have today.

That is the plan... Feel free to tell me what you think!

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You are doing a great job of handling this fall... I am following your lead and you have helped me out too. Thank you so much, we all appreciate that you are rebuilding this account!

Thank you very much for the nice comment... I have been trying to get growth in the account, but the drop in steem has made it tough... The good thing is that I am growing the SP which at 10 per week might be useful at some point too! Again, thanks for the nice comment and I love your game too :)

10 per week is a pretty good average of growth. I am not making that much anymore... I wish I was. Good job. I can't wait to start my contests when steem increases again.

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What's the site for checking the internal price of steem? I always forget. Maybe you can just send me the link 2 days after a large drop. Can that be part of the premium subscription package? Ha ha

lol.... you are already on the premium subscription plan! So you get it for free Blondie :P


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Nice! Do you happen to have the link handy to find the internal price?

Thank you! Much appreciated. Seems like the internal price is in line with the market price right now. Might be a good time to buy some votes... assuming it doesn't drop more.

I would agree yesterday, but it resumed it dropping ... ned is powering down 1/2 of his SP... so that's at least something to consider. Keep your eyes open though, things are about to get fun ;)

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ned is powering down 1/2 of his SP... so that's at least something to consider.

You think he's getting ready to jump ship before it all crashes and burns? Or do you think that's because he thinks the price is going to go up and wants to be ready to cash in?

I don't know exactly what to make of it. On one hand, that is a large % of his stake. And this fact makes me think he is doing something different than "jumping ship"....

I think he might be bringing in a new player, who may have made him sell a stake to get involved. It also could be a "takeover" by someone or some entity and they are ousting Ned.

I don't know, but I did think it was strange that right after he did the powerdown, he then put out a stupid "hey guys, just ending another productive day" post.

I don't know him, but usually guys like that have enough smarts to realize that people will see what he has done. His lack of addressing it tells me that it is more than he is just getting out because the ship crashes (and he can't disclose the reasons yet).

Nonetheless, until he addresses it, it will put doubt in people's minds.. That will create some downward pressure.


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Keep up the good work. If only more upvote services were are honest as you are; the steem-blockchain would be a better place.

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