yes I'm glad I started doing this a couple of months ago or I wouldn't have any powder left to do it.. Now I feel fortunate as we have built up a decent amount of SP that can be leveraged through the leasing market. We are closer than people think, another couple of good weeks and then a nice spike could do the trick. Right now I am fully in at these prices so any rise will be very helpful! And so far I see to be getting good buys (relative to break even)... So we will see Blondie and thanks for staying patient! ;)

Good things come to those that are patient... Keep up the good work my friend!

I love that saying @flxlove and especially appropriate in this situation... Every day we get a little stronger and especially on a relative basis. Thank you for the encouragement and lets light this place up someday!

I try to light up the block-chain every day. Some days it's with my humor and some days it's with my knowledge.

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