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A University with a Different Perspective
Feni has long been known as an area with promise and prospects.Quite sizeable revenue of it comes from remittances.The present development themes of rapid knowledge expansion,globalized commerce and culture and people's life-long education need bring obvious developmental imbalance and hinder regional perspective which is often not fulfilled in many regions like Feni.The establishment of Feni University has been an excellent attempt by a group of philanthropists. The university has a beneficial regional role in higher education.



Brief History
Feni is a socially and culturally developed area.The present population of the district is 14,96,138 with the literacy rate at 59.60%.The Gross National Income of the district is one of the highest in the country.

There are about 50 colleges in Feni district.The annual turnover of higher education admission seekers in the area in high.There are two public universities in Comilla and Noakhali,as such demand for a further public university in Feni was not justifiable and that raises the logic for a private university in Feni.The idea was first raised by a group of prominent educational and business elites of Feni led by Mr.Abdus Sattar .The group later formed the 'Feni University Foundation ' followed by registering the 'Feni University Trust' with the Government.The inception project was launched in 2010 and subsequently the University was approved by the Government in 2012.The University has a capable Board of Trustees.

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The vision of the university is to create opportunities for acquiring knowledge and skills of people and to build it as a centre of excellence in higher education at regional lavel.

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