Finding Better Air And Getting Lost In The Process

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View from our temporary home in Maldonado (HDR-Image, processed with Photomatix)

Finding Better Air And Getting Lost In The Process

shall serve as an introduction as to why we ended up where we are right now - both in regards to real life and in regards to Steemit.

It will take some time to figure this all out. While time is of the essence, it progresses on its own terms. Just like hopping on a train to get somewhere - the time one spends in the train is interdependent to the time the train actually needs to get from one's origin to one's destination. Sure, it would be great to accelerate the progress towards arrival, but there are no shortcuts. The Universe has its own ideas about how long things might take. And it is a big might, considering ever changing circumstances in life.

So, I ended up on Steemit for the simple reason of not finding any other place that would resonate with what I, as Being The Universe attempt to do, or better yet, intend to offer. While I do have a physical 6-Sense-Machine (referred to from here on as 6-SM), as the Buddha cared to describe the human body, the offerings do not emanate from this 6-SM, but from The Universe itself. Why that is so, and how I arrived at this point is subject of this introduction and subsequent blog. As mentioned above, I am new to Steemit and am grateful for any and all advice on how to go about it. The good old proverb about Rome states that is wasn't built in one day, and I can only surmise that this endeavor will take some time too, to show the first solid foundations.

Now to the fine print, so to speak. While I am more than willing to explain myself about everything, I like to start with the reason of why our adventure commenced and how far it has progressed as of writing this. I shall be forgiven possible glitches in the timeline of our adventure, but in general, we ended up here in Uruguay, because I had severe asthma as a child and have been searching for clean air like a compass for the North ever since. At first the moving was limited to the country of my birth, but after having had exhausted its potential for personal spiritual growth, I ended up in Hawai'i. First on Maui, then on Hawai'i Island. Altogether I have spent some twenty one years in the Land of Aloha and had experiences that I still deem pretty unique and improbable for any other location on Earth.

As I have begun to write this introduction in May, I fuse the prior content with the latest edit. Just to be open about it and to give at least one reason for possible incongruities. Of which there are hopefully none. To make it more apparent, the following text is from the very beginning. It starts where we - being myself and my most beloved Feline family - arrived in the countryside of Maldonado, a district of Uruguay in the Eastern part of the country.

There is a pocket of good air where we are now at. Although the transition itself might be the most challenging part. We couldn't just go there and say:

"Hello, my name is such and such and we are searching for clean air, or as much of it as possible. As Your still beautiful countryside provides favorable conditions, I have decided for us to stay here, where the air is better than where we really live." But lucky as we are, we were invited by a beloved friend of ours and she offered us to stay here on the farm.

Home is where the heart is
which still is in the lower Puna District of Hawai'i. Our home is in a subdivision called 'Leilani Estates' which is presently overrun by the fiery veins of my most revered Goddess Pele. Hawai'i will be forever our Home, but as long as the air quality does not improve greatly, we can't be there. Even Maui, were I lived before, would hardly ever get such heavy haze, but provide sun blocking and asthma inducing smoke from burning sugar cane fields. And moving to any other island has become illusory for the simple reason that we couldn't afford it, even if we wanted to.

Our House in HDR.jpg
Our house in Leilani Estates - now in the exclusion zone.

We attempted to relocate on the Big island, when the air quality would deteriorate rapidly. In December and January I was still very much the only person who had respiratory issues without the vog. Although the vog was quite thick at times then and ever since the eruption reaching Pahoa. The rental market was tight even before the eruption with the steady influx of especially young people to the Puna district in East Hawai'i. Before we had left for Europe, the streets of Pahoa were already packed with young folks from across the United States and Canada. All, to come here and get cheap land in the Puna district, which has the cheapest property in the entire state.

Vog on a day when I wish we would have had a closed environment.

Back to the present now, where it may be helpful to provide a bit more information about our adventure. First, I should introduce the Supreme Feline Beings, who deserve a section of their own for sure. They have saved my life many times over and are nothing short of absolutely amazing companions. The first Feline family member was Sheeba. There is of course a whole story behind her showing up in my life, but for now, I will just introduce her with an image. She was killed five years ago in August in front of our driveway.

Sheeba 08-08-2013.jpeg
Sheeba, my Flower Girl

Then this lovely Feline Girl showed up under equally amazing circumstances. She was born in the Jungle in Kapoho and decided to spend her life with us. The way she went about it is legion. The stuff myths are woven from. Her name is YinYang and she is sitting next to me right now.

YinYang - Always in the knowing

The third addition to our family arrived due to the relocation of a beloved friend of mine. In order to proceed with her education, she had to leave the island and move to Honolulu. And while that might not be a hindering reason to take Your Kitty with You, in this case it definitely was. He is now a middle aged Catman and goes by the name Peteyboy.

Peter Pan 12 12 2010.JPG
Peteyboy - as handsome as lovely

Number four is a very special case indeed. Maybe the most special of them all. He was the Kitty of my Fiance and had always had a deep connection with me. In 2011, at a time when dogs would roam freely where he lived, he was attacked by three dogs and almost killed. That he did not die, was the result of me finding him, and rescuing him from his home. This is the greatest oddity in the Hawai'ian culture: animals are not worth a whole lot. All is good as long as they are okay, but as soon as they are sick, they are left to die. Plus, Hawai'i is a dog-island without a doubt. Many people outright hate Felines - since the island is firmly in the grip of Christianity and despite the Medieval being gone for some time now, Felines are still allegedly associated with the 'devil'. The most wonderful Lady I lived with at the time helped us to pay for the surgery. With me as his nurse, he healed in the most miraculous fashion one could imagine. He fully recovered from reconstructive surgery on his left front leg and is as much of a rascal as he was before - if not more so. His name is Honeyboy

Honeyboy Arm Reconstruction 06.jpg
Honeyboy - Titaniumboy

Honeyboy - daring, caring and loving like no other

Last but definitely not least comes Kitty number five. His name is Ku'uipo, which is Hawai'ian and means Sweetheart. And a real sweetheart he is. Not necessarily with other Felines, since he is a 100% Alpha Boy. Ipo, in his short form, will work the entire neighborhood over to make it unmistakably clear that he is the boss. Ipo was the solitary Feline of my beloved Uncle Trevor that followed my Fiance into the Non-Physical shortly thereafter. I had to give my promise that I will always take care of him. Ipo loved me from the first day I met him. Unfortunately and to my greatest dismay, Ipo is still on Hawai'i Island, as I was unable to take all of them with me at the same time. Based on his being the boss, he requires a place that he can call his home and it was not sure when we would get our own home again. We have a new home now and I will do everything for him to reunite with us. The only problem is now the financial burden that this entails. But for all that it is worth, I ask the Universe every day to make it possible for him to come to Uruguay and be with us again. We miss him beyond words.

Ku'uipo - the most loving Alpha Boy, as long as You're not another Alpha Boy

Now You know the Feline members of our family.

There will never be an image of myself though, other than the one I use for my profile. It looks just like me, with the only difference that You can't see my wings normally. Only people who know me very well can see both me, and my wings. :-) But this adventure is not about my 6-SM in the first place. It is about You and everybody else that has questions to which she, or he cannot get any answers in any other way. The reason for this lies within the fact that, although You might call me an Angel, I am what is commonly known as a Channel. You may know some and there are quite a number of them. The two best known might be Jane Roberts, who channeled the entity 'Seth' in the sixties, seventies up to the early eighties, and 'Abraham', who is channeled by Esther Hicks. Esther might well be the most popular today and deserves not only a lot of respect for her hard work making available the wisdom of the Non-Physical, but also admiration for the relationship she had with her late husband Jerry. It was him, who was instrumental in Esther accepting the ability to allow the channel to become active. In my case it works a little bit different, even though very similar. My channel remains silent as long as nobody is asking a question. Oddly though, it does not work with myself. The gift is rather limited to helping others and the Universe might be of the opinion that I know the answers to my own questions anyways - if I would listen to them.

In that lies also the reason for the headline stating to 'getting lost in the process'. At first it was totally unclear where we would end up being. Even though I had spent a significant amount of time searching for a match to our needs, it was ultimately my friend's invitation that transported us into the correct direction. She is ineffably wonderful and caring, a real treasure. After I had picked a few objects from an online publication I was interested in, we took off to look at them. What we saw was beyond description. There are no words that qualify to paint an image of the offerings. Seriously. I thought I am in some sort of a surreal movie. Something like The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie directed by Luis Buñuel. A brilliant movie for sure, but what we saw was deeply disturbing and equally depressing. I was so discouraged that I insisted to let it go, to stop looking consciously, as that made obviously no sense at all.

It was a day later when my friend called a friend of hers and we made an appointment to look at other objects. My friend reassured me that, what we had experienced would not happen with her friend, who was and is a realtor, albeit an Uruguayan one and not the kind I remember from Hawai'i. She said that she would protect me from any further disappointments and I trusted her fully. So we looked at the first farm and it was very nice. Really nice. Exactly at the opposite end of what had insulted our eyes and minds a few days earlier. It was perfect. Perfect - but totally out of our league. Much cheaper than anything that nice in Hawai'i, but regardless of it being marvelous, in our present situation, it was so out of question that I could have cried. But at least, my previous being insulted in my taste and in my ideas about how and what a home should be, was pacified. It was the very next object that would turn out to be it. Nothing fancy, in need of a lot of tender, love and even more care, but with great potential. I was able to have a vision about it, meaning I could see how it will look like after I had spent some TLC on it. It comes with a larger size property and the best part about it is the price. It is so ridiculously low, that one could say that for the same amount of money, I might be able to get a garage in Hawai'i and it wouldn't be a fancy one at that.

After I had slept over it and had further visualized the place as a place where I could finally once again wholly engage in the art of klütern, I called the agent and agreed to see it one more time with the owners, who turned out to be adorable. Really exciting and nothing remotely like what I remember from Hawai'i.

**Now I like to add something in regards to above mentioned klütern. It is a very particular term and even in Germany not known in all regions. Mentioning it in the Northern part of the country will not cause any confusion about what You are doing, should You engage in klütern. Therefore I like to explain myself and give away that I count myself belonging to this mysterious Kast of folks that go by the description of Klüterer. It is a genderless entity and can be found both in women and men. The term comes from Plattdütsch - a form of old Northern German dialect spoken at the North-Atlantic coast and on the islands fronting it. While I will dedicate more space on the subject of klütern down the line, I like to give a short definition in three sentences:

Klütern is a Zen-like habit of getting up in the morning and allowing the day to unfold freely, as in 'going with the flow'. It means to give attention to those things, that require attention on their own terms as in 'tender, love and care'.
You would have fixed things in the evening, of which You didn't know they would need fixing in the morning. You could also say that it means improvising. The prospects of being able to let this energy flow freely again fills me with great happiness.

Now, as this is just a beginning, I leave it at that and will continue as circumstances allow. Our new home needs some klütern for sure and I have started to paint it inside. It will require a lot of aforementioned tender, love and care, but it will be our refuge for some time. The option exists to buy it later on, but at the moment I am grateful that I am able to buy food for all of us.

We keep You updated.

Mahalo nui loa, Thank You very much and Muchas gracias for getting that far with us.

Helena-Sophia Exel as
Being The Universe
and YinYang, Peteyboy, Honeyboy (and Ipo from afar) as themselves

P.S.: And by all means, do what people usually do on Steemit when they like something - in case You liked it and have become curious for more. :-)