4.5 billion year old Piece of Iron (AHNIGHITO) that fell to Earth from Space........A Mysterious Dicovery

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A Mysterious Discovery

This is not a making up story rather it is something strange to discus here.

It was 19th April 2017 when I visited American Museum of Natural History in New York. The museum is worth visiting and the ticket price is $30 (I will be uploading some more pictures of my Museum visit in next blog).

While visiting the museum I entered into the Earth and Planetary Sciences Hall and came across Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites where I found AHNIGHITO


To my utmost desire, when I read the description I was completely shocked. Because I read before that in one of the religion of the world (which is also the second Highest religion) the God speaks about the creation of universe and creation of mankind on earth and in that God tells the mankind about sending of Iron from the space for their use. Some how the other I found that chapter (Chapter 57) which is named as Al-Hadid (an Arabic word) which means 'The Iron' the God says:

And We brought forth Iron wherein mighty power, as well as many benefits for mankind,

Finally here is the description of Ahnighito


Source for above picture is American Museum of Natural History

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Al Hadid (The Iron) indeed is a miracle chapter. Science has confirmed that Iron isn't of Earth origin (as clearly described by the museum too) but how can a religious scripture tell about origin of iron centuries ago? The answer to that question would be that the verses about iron are true. The chapter and scripture containg this information must also be true.

Thank you for sharing this incredible piece of information!

welcome :)

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amazing .. I love rocks and the info in your post is great.

You are welcome. I was also amazed when I discovered it.

Thanks for sharing

welcome :)

interesting. :)