Universal Basic Income

Technology is rabidly rising and there is a lot of FUD (fear uncertainty doubt ) surrounding the fate of mankind that's because we are reaching Utopian level of living where AI and robotics are continuously increasing their capability and thus leading us to question what is work ?

Some of the jobs to be replaced by AI (artificial intelligence) in the next 15 years are doctors , nurses , engineers. lawyers , and more so manufacturing and acembling of goods that supports most of the works in many parts of the world.

This will lead to massive loose of jobs since Ai can certainly do anything, it's just like what the Russian leader vudmir putin said "whoever controls AI controls the world" this is the new reality.

That's why a universal basic income is being tested in places like finland where over 25k people are now being given 560 eur to support their lives.

To understand more about this project please watch the video above .

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