LIVE | 24Hr Online Vigil | #Unity4J (Update - Live Stream Has Ended)

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Happening now, independent journalists and fellow Steemians @suzi3d and @elizbethleavos are hosting a 24hr online vigil for Julian Assange who is still being arbitrarily detained at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The vigil is part of a series of upcoming events to take place on the first weekend of every month.

24 Hr Live Stream Event - Watch Now

Journalists, whistleblowers, and activists from across the political spectrum are united in calling for the reinstatement of Julian Assange's human rights.

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6 Years of Arbitrary Detention

In two weeks time, Julian Assange will have been confined to the Ecuadorian embassy for 6 years. Assange first sought refuge in the embassy on June 19th, 2012 and was granted political asylum in August of the same year..

Arbitrary Detention 1.jpg

In February 2016, a special UN panel concluded that Julian Assange was being arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian embassy and should be released immediately with compensation.

Despite the panel's findings, the UK government will not guarantee safe passage if Assange steps foot outside the embassy.

Being confined to the embassy is having serious detrimental effects on Assange's mind, body and soul.

Assange 24.jpg

After being cut off from access to the internet 2 months ago, a groundswell of support for the Wikileaks editor-in-chief is spreading online.

Not only has Assange been denied access to the internet but he's also been barred form having visitors at the embassy and any form of communication with the outside world beyond consulting with his legal team.

Ecuador's president, Lenin Moreno, recently stated that Assange is free to stay in the Ecuadorian embassy as long as he doesn't engage in journalism. Stating that:

Let’s not forget the conditions of his asylum prevent him from speaking about politics or intervening in the politics of other countries. That’s why we cut his communication.

The Guardian

Furthermore, Moreno has been quoted as saying that Ecuador is considering revoking Assange's political asylum.

Mention of any conditions to Julian Assanges asylum have never been mentioned prior to Moreno's election in 2017.

As reported by @caitlinjohnstone, this leaves Assange with three choices all of which result in silencing his voice.

Remain in isolation indefinitely and suffer the gradual decline of body and mind which necessarily comes with it.

Come out of isolation on the condition that he cease voicing his political opinions or doing anything which could be perceived as interfering in the affairs of another nation, which would be to cease practicing journalism, and, in a sense, cease being Julian Assange.

Be forced out of the embassy.

Stand in Solidarity with Julian Assange

Stand Against Arbitrary Detention

Stand In Opposition to the Targeting of Journalists



Supporting Independent Journalism

All SBD rewards from this post will go to @suzi3d who is currently unable to connect to Steemit due to the fallout surrounding the banning of Telegram in Russia.

Pay-pal has also cut off Suzie's funding

Suzie Dawson on Twitter   Bitcoin angels  PayPal has frozen my donations account and bitcoin is now the only way I can survive. Please help keep an exiled  asylum seeking journalist in one piece  1JehB3FTrGkjc4AzJGNHsnb.png

Bitcoin Donations for @suzi3d can be made to the following address:

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Interesting that June 19th is called 'Freedom Day' in the USA, due to that being the date on which slaves learned of the Emancipation Proclamation two years earlier, and is the date Assange entered the Ecuadorian embassy.

However aggravating and unlawful Assange's present confinement is, I am certain that being surrendered to the tender mercies of Bloody Gina Haspel would not be an improvement for him. He needs to get out of prison, but not into some black site where he can be subjected to the kinds of torture Haspel infamously committed to the prisoners in the CIA torture palace in Thailand she ran.

I hope it can be managed, and not only for Assange's personal sake, but for all of ours. While Assange is just one person, his work and speech has made all our lives the richer. All our freedom of speech is limited by the limitations on his.



Wow, I didn't know that June 19th was 'Freedom Day'. Coincidence?
Lol, yes the 'tender mercies of Bloody Gina' are the last place he needs to find himself in. I'm watching the #Unity4J atm and I'm inspired by the determination and spirit of all the guests. These vigils will continue and I hope that support for Assange and his precarious situation continues to snowball. And you're right, this is not solely about Assange, but about all of us!

Thanks for the great comments once again, my friend!

Crazy how for telling the truth they want to silence you, the press of today isn't press they just publish what they want you to read and hear. But for journalists like Assange and others that actually talk about things that are going on in this fucked up world and are getting silenced like this shows how much freedom of speech there is. The more followers you have more of a threat you are to them.
Great post man not heard info about Julian in a while.

As with all governments around the world, human rights are arbitrary, depending on how much you agree with them. Same as so-called 'free speech'.


The right of journalist should be protected at all time because of they responsibilities the are saddle with, Julian Assange should be unconditional release. Its high time the humiliation of journalist should stop. They are fourth arms of government , as the continue to check and balance the activities of the government.
Great post buddy @v4vapid #unity4j

When the government fears you are a threat to them, thesame government who promised to protect lives and human right, will take away the rights because they have a lot of things to hide.
What is democracy without freedom of speech. This is reason why I call for a free society without government. Even paypal has joined the government. They all have deep secret.

More strength to those on ground helping to fight this course. @suzi3d, @elizbethleavos and everyone, thanks for standing out for Assange.

This is what we call democracy, it's a joke
They can't handle a person and they do this to him.

Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, comes to mind. What's the point in trying to silence him now, the information is continuing to be unearthed with or without him. They are trying to make Julian an example of "don't screw with us".

Britain and the USA should be happy that Assange isn't leaving thaf embassy becayse the day he does and the UK arrests him there will be massive political pressure from all over against his detention. Look at the resistance to Tommy Robinson's inprisonment.

Everything has changed since Lenin Moreno became President of Ecuador. He simply doesn't have the same regard for Wikileaks as his predecessor. I think it's only a matter of time until Assange is handed over to the US.

For them to jail someone for that long, there must be a lot of SECRET being exposed by Julian ... Whom so ever revealed any conspiracy or expose them then you are in trouble, that is what we are facing as Society today, can we call this Democracy? I bet Its good we call it Aristocracy ... Restrictions were pose on anything against their system of governance, yet many credibility were given to such governance. I hope right justify will be prevailing and Julian will be free... But my fear now is that those culprit called themselves government should not silently finished Julian before free...

One thing am sure about Truth shall prevailing.

Re-steemed for more awareness.
In one Accord #freedom will be granted to Julian Assange let us always remember to pray for JA in our various comfort zone.

I don't have lot VP. but I give my 100% PWR to stand for the Truth and Justice.

I stand with Julian Asange. FREE JULIAN ASANGE

Hope so smoothly there
This is very helpful, let alone live there and there are journalists for all steemian.
I will resteem this successful post always for you

i love that your pushing his story ...worriors of truth ....

WoW $110 in 44mins well done my friend, you must teach me your ways!


You should publish useful topics in order to bring users' attention in the platform .
I think this is a tip I can give you, my friend
, In order to reach what our friend has reached @v4vapid , I wish you good luck


$ 110 in 44 minutes. This is very common with the legendary Steemit users. Someday I could also earn that amount for each publication .. Everything is in the endeavor that steemit put to publish quality content and make good friends in this community.


Credits mean nothing.

Julian just like Donald Marshall are two similar men exposing the diabolical things done by the world powers, Julian is like Stephen in the Bible is paying a heavy price. I hope he gets release soon and feel free to check some articles i made on Donald Marshall and i also blog on whistleblowers like Assange!

what they are doing with Assange is to morally demoralize him away from the things he loves to do. Assange is an inspiration for many journalists since he does not hide anything, always generates information that many try to hide. I had always wondered how to Wikileaks to get so much valuable information? Hopefully the problem with Assange will improve.

This is so sad, I believ things would turn out well

@suzi3d is trying and we should all support her.

Nice work @v4vapid. Resteemed for more awareness


thank you! I hope you're right.


I hope so too

Excellent contribution thanks for sharing with us is an interesting post congratulations very good job

The voice of the people can not be stuck in force. Julian assange is the inspiration of all the independent Journalist. So Stopping him means to hurt those who want to raise his voice against injustice.

The truth will be free, and the lie will roll back its tail.

Holly cow. I can’t image what it is like to be jailed in an embassy for 6 years... that’s horrible.

very righting post sir
thank you sir

We do not have democracy without press freedom. The is fourth power , how power can exercise its functions in oppressive conditions. Of course, this is impossible.
Through your article, greetings to all noble and free journalists . Thank you @v4vapid for your interest in this important topic