[Track: Insane Asylum] #Unity4J Contribution - In Solidarity with Julian Assange

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How you resist the system is what makes you who you are.

Nothing else, someone once told me.

I'm not going to talk about it too much here, as this is for those who are already part of the 3000+ army of netizens standing in solidarity with Julian Assange and supporting his case. Suzie on discord asked for some music/media to use in videos and I quickly proceeded to cut this together. It's rough and raw just like the whole movement. Enjoy and for immediate press release that was published 6 days ago on @unity4j:

follow the rabbit hole: https://steemit.com/unity4j/@unity4j/unity4j-press-release-august-1st-2018



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Thank you @kaliju this is fantastic!

Resteeming here and on Soundcloud :)

We really appreciate all creative contributions such as this, really well done.

It might seem like we have small parts to play but they all amount to much more when taken as a whole. Unity4J!

Asi es @kaliju lo importante es no rendirnos antes las adversidades y mantenernos en pie de lucha. Saludos

That was an awesome mix.

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we still live in police states. shame 😐