Unity progress stealth game

in #unity3 years ago

Well, I managed to spend the whole night working through just a few tutorials online and still not getting done, but screw it, I live for this stuff. Honestly, I'm really confused about a lot of this stuff and almost every walk through gets me at one point or another. I know that it's going to be a while before I fully grasp it, but I do see some progress each and every day..

You can't see it in this demo, but when I tried to execute a function which alters to spotlight to the player based around a Lerp function, it fails miserably. The screen goes black and block y.. I'm eons away from writing my own stuff yet, but I am still getting the hang of it through these lessons.

The music in the back ground is from my buddy's sister's band "Luzuary Flux" The song is called "Over and Out."
A Take Care!

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It’s not really playing here but I see you doing well, just a little more persistence and you become the boss

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