Division ends Now, Secession ends Now

in #unity4 years ago

The political battle has been fierce, the struggle has been real, and the future has been unpredictable. Am so impressed that despite the political pressure and betrayal in NASA house, the people’s president, Raila Amollo Odinga has finally decided to end all this. His decision has been an emergency that has healed all the political scars and differences. We can now work together as one nation. In my view, the division ends now.
unite.PNGMoral lesson: A good prince does what he needs to do. If keeping his words leads him to harm, he must not.


I like it when there is understanding. This marks the beginning for development and unity.

I think there i a deal cooking. A great promise. But it's all fine. Unity and peace is everything a nation needs.

This look great. Let's wait for the next move.

@mikeguru Let peace prevail.