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As a part of 💜DIVINITY WEEK💜, @ellievallie has challenged participants from unity discord server to share about a historical God-Dess with whom we personally relate, are inspired, or to whom we worship.

For this challenge, I have chosen to begin with Ganesha, Supreme Lord of New Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles.

Trinity, explored.

Symbolism of trinity has played significance in my life and upbringing.

As one who lives in a constant state of awe at the miracle of his own existence, I pay my respect and honor to the benevolence of the Source of all things.

My interests have primarily been with 3 holy avatars, who embody the divine as a party of holy trinity in their respective faiths: Jesus Christ, Horus, and Ganesha (who I will be discussing further in this post).

Exploring the history and traditions of these holy avatars has been a blessing in my world. It has helped me to recognize the divine in all beings and things, whilst shedding illusions of different or separateness.

Similarities between holy families and avatars, as expressed in different cultures, tend to hold certain facets true.

Mortals' quest to represent the infinite, has produced countless (beautiful) expressions of divinity, which've been heavily laced in symbolic language to assist aspirants in their evolutionary process.

Much is assumed in the attempt to condense what is formless into form.

The challenge has been to receive the benevolence of the fathomless infinite potential, whilst gleaning the most of what may be offered in the humble dense forms of human creation, depicted as art of the divine form.

These expressions of divinity may unify us as open hearts enjoy a whole, composed of multiplicities.

Etymology of Ganesha गणेश (Gaṇeśa)

In Sanskrit, Ganesha, is from:

gana ("hosts, group, collection, or categories") + isha ("Master")

This is often translated as, "Master of Hosts," or "Lord of Hosts" (Ganapati).

Lord of Hosts may evoke a familiar character to those who've been indoctrinated into Hindu mythology and faiths, such as Jainism, Buddhism, Egyptian religions, and Christianity.

Mythological anecdotes of these holy avatars vary, depending upon region. Some of Ganesha's are well-cited in this Wiki.

Vighnaharta: Vanquisher of obstacles.

Dharma path is a focused and narrow point between worlds.

Ganesha is a single path and entry point.

By studying his form, one may witness the manner by which he is able to assist the worthy from adversities of all kinds (spiritual, emotional, physical/material, et cetera)

Conversely, this same study may provide insight as to why those who are misaligned. The karmic implications of their iniquities are often presented to them in the form of life's apparent obstacles.

As a meditation, Ganesha offers us protection, grounding, completion, and abundance in the physical/material realm. He is the seed of all new beginnings and also the destroyer of any negativity that can present itself.

A simple way to connect to this energy is to chant (or say) the word "lam."

Dynamic motions of life constantly present us with opportunities to support root chakra energy as we seek to create balance.

Duality of divinity

Ganesha reflects to us our light and shadow attributes.

The ever-presence of duality in form was shown to us, especially with reference to his relationship with his brother, Skanda (Kartikeya).

The Egyptian mystery religions' accounts of Horus and Set, as well as the Christian teachings of Cain and Abel also depict (violent) power struggles between brothers.

The power struggles provide us with a metaphor for the manner by which we govern our energy in the physical/material realms.

Ganesha embodies the power of discernment as a force of presence and being. By studying him in much further detail than this humble post, one may begin to see the holography of brilliance that has been encoded into this holy avatar.

If you found this introductory exploration of Ganesha: Supreme Lord of New Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles post interesting, I highly encourage you to click the source links attached herein, for further discovery and enjoyment!

I may be writing up a post in this style for both Horus and Jesus Christ, coming up soon...

Thank you for checking out this post and sharing it with anyone who may benefit from the information!

Intuitive Jakob

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My favorite idea here is vanquishing obstacles!

I look forward to reading how you connect this with Horus and Jesus Christ.


Hey @ellievallie! Thanks so much for saying that! I feel like that is such a wonderful idea for us to keep as a focal point. It has a way of putting us into our creative power.

Looking forward to more explorations on the holy trinity avatars!

Thank You for Sharing 💙🌺⭐️


Hey @esaia.mystic! Thank you for checking it out!

As usual, very well said! There are No obstacles in sight 🙌


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Love this post so much! Thank you for sharing❤️😍🌹


Hey @eaglespirit! Thank you for reading it!

May you be liberated of all obstacles!