ONENESS — Is Recognizing There Are Multiple Parts To The Whole

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Greetings, it is Esaia Mystic.. Coming to you with a powerful post + message. The heavy prescense Of Uriel runs with us, as we tap into the greatest depths of the mind to bring the Secrets Of The Sentinel 🐍. What is Uriel ? The Prescense Of Devine light & Wisdom. All of life we’ve grown to be told that we are all the same, that we all sprouted from one woman in Africa— or that we are all... human. One thing we have grown to accept is that, human we all are not; beings we all are. Beings manifested on our plane Called earth. With growing to accept this, we see plus hold grudges not onto those that see life through alternative lenses. We will share with you these secrets little by little, seed by seed— hoping for you to take offense if you have been holding on to lies.


We are of The Phoenician, the people of the serpent who have long been forgotten through the spell cast by Wiccians. The Primordial people of the Earth, remembering our ancestors — very strong + clear. They come to me with very powerful words to share, so we will share them.

To Be Unified in Truth, we must first see + accept our differences & individuality in thinking, perception, & spirit. Everyone isn’t family, & that is OKAY. We are made to make friends— Some of us have strong Celestial Lineage, some of us Strongly Primordial, others are mere humans here to carry out human tasks. The true definition of Unity, on a wholistic scale involves respecting those for who they are.. the parts of life from which they sprouted seeing them as a part of our cells (universal being). Yes this is a time of Aquarius; Aquarius shows us this so perfectly, as he integrates his Being with a world of beings though ALWAYS staying in touch with his own.

The Crab Of The Zodiac (known as Cancer—Khephera, ect), keeps us in touch with our ancestry. WHO WE ARE, on an emotional level— how we relate those emotions to our immediate surroundings. Emotionally, this usually happens in adolescence when we then recognize what we care about on a personal level; what makes us feel. Aquarius is the far friend of the crab, because the crab lives on land & water both— as Aquarius carries water 💦 he does not like to get wet. Why? Water as I broke down in the Goddess post, is memory— it is emotion. When we move with the energy of Aquarius, we are now relating how we react to our surroundings with the world at large; the universe. We must do this while keeping a balance of objectivity & subjectivity, holding the water— knowing the truth, while always staying dry. This is the importance of being united, the very thread that sews our truths.

We do not war with Gods, Gods are beneath us. We accept the challenges of greatness, without fear of loss + subservience. This Language Known as English, is a powerful language. An ancient tongue of the Phoenician that has been perverted to curse those who use it in Ignorance. It is not what we say, it is how we say it. The sound is the message, the sound is the frequency, the sound is the truth. Music tells no lies, because we listen for the sound. Words tells many, because you are listening for a message. Listen for the sound (tone) in everything said. No matter our intent the vibration of the word is what carries the intensity.

Reassess all words CON. Conscious, connect, continue.. etc... The con is to go against. When we speak with the sound on CON, we unknowingly go against that which we wish to (co)mbine. CO is to be with, community, coexist, collaborate. In many languages, such as Spanish; natives instinctively pronounce CO, for all words spelled with CON.

Examples: Contigo (Pronounced Co-Tigo) Conmigo (Co-migo)

To Believe, is to BE — LEAVE. Anytime this sound is used we are being to leave. Leaving our core, leaving our source, leaving our truth. The word itself implies a war against nature, & an ill amongst the cell (self). It is better to have FAITH, being one with our truth.

When We Are AWARE, ( A WHERE, A WEAR) we have come upon a location of being. Just as we are AWAY, we are embarking upon a location of being. The Vibration Of this word is to be in tune with our location of being.. An AWARENESS of cell (self).

When We Know Better We Do Better, There is No in between.. except for the effort it takes to get there 🐍


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It is not what we say, it is how we say it. The sound is the message, the sound is the frequency, the sound is the truth.

Your way with words is so moving to me this morning. I feel a certain resonance that elevates my energy in this moment, with and without comprehending the actual messages you're delivering. It's true, exactly as you've stated it here, and music is the perfect example of this. Music is a vibrational wave, with and without lyrics to meet the mind; it is motion that meets the heart.

Music tells no lies, because we listen for the sound.

The meaning behind words and the vibrations they carry are vital to innerstand. We are Co-Creators in our life, the words we speak have power indeed.

i agree with you specially i like these lines
We accept the challenges of greatness, without fear of loss + subservience

Great blog brother, Im following you back God bless.... 8)

Great ⭐️ I am A Woman — BTW 😃

Please forgive me 8/ God Bless

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What an interesting perspective of the journey we take on this life we have been given. Thank you my fellow sugar mama


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Muy buen post saludos

This was quite interesting and well written!
I'm going to have to read more of your posts!

excellent story it's good to know about uriel

Very interesting post.

This is some powerful stuff...albeit a little cult-y. I still love it though <3

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Well written dear <3

To be honest I'm a little bit scared reading this , I hope you didn't cast a spell on me :D
I liked the part of "believe"

Thanks for this post!

Great and brilliant sequence for your proven theory,
First by knowledge and logic,
second by emotion,
third by energy that supported from god which commonly abbreviated to "to be".

I feel the connection =] Thanks for sharing!