[United We Light] for [Family Protection]

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We are definitely living in a time of great change. People are waking up in growing numbers. The layers of darkness can now be seen. As each layer is peeled away it will expose to all of us how best to address the needs that may still remain.


As much as I dislike talking politics and even the subject of government overreach and abuse around the world and have tried to distance myself from it all together, I find one can not look away. If we truly want to make the world a better place and a safer environment for children this must be our first focus unfortunately.

Yes, this is Christmas time and most people simply choose to avoid the negative sides of what is happening in the world to focus more on family and the traditions they share and that is great for them. For me I feel it is the best time to look at the sufferings in the world and give thought to those less fortunate. It is simply a personal intended choice for me.

How many children in the world this day are not home with their loving families? How many are at this moment, crying and scared, dark inside, alone in their despair? How many children are trapped in a sex trafficking ring in route to the next vile abuser that thrives on the pain, suffering and fear they impose? How many have been reported missing but still no picture of their face to show in helping to even find and identify them? How many children are taken from their families in Africa and other countries for slave labor in the mines building more wealth for the few elite? How many families have simply been torn apart only days before Christmas by CPS? How many families today are not having Christmas because they can't afford to spend the money that is needed to pay for the many hoops laid out by a family court system? How many are cold and hungry? How many have no place to sleep tonight that they can call home?

If you really want to know the answers to these "tough" questions:

Simply follow the most focused team of REAL researchers, investigative reporters and journalists who are not afraid to ask the tough questions. You will want to follow the contributors to #familyprotection as well.

@familyprotection and @markwhittam and @canadian-coconut

Funds raised by @familyprotection are used to help families that are struggling with the many illegal kidnappings done by those that see children as a commodity.

Let there be Light!

Maybe by "coincidence" or possibly by universal syncronicity (my favorite) a great deal has been happening through the White House here in the US. An Executive Order was signed and released to the public on Dec. 21st, the winter solstice. Along with that EO is what is called an Annex that lists the names of international "big guys". Long story short: If it is found that these "big guys" are also doing business with some of the largest perpetrators of the most disgusting and vile crimes then their property will be seized and indictments served on them as well. (And the good NEWS is that the ARE connected!)

(I believe no news these days as being perfect and true, but always consider all sides as they become known to me, find as many dots as I can and see how they may connect. I don't proclaim to know everything and even what I know today, maybe I will know it differently tomorrow)

When we look at a disease we should be looking for the cause of that disease, right? Not simply how to treat the symptoms. That approach can be applied to other forms of distress as well. As the Light is shining on the darkness more layers are found. This article from @dakini5d and the videos within it (especially the 3rd one and don't let Alex Jones turn you off there is a lot of info on this page) and it reveals how the next layer connects to the more local and well known "powers that should have never been".


As @dakini5d says: "Let's all focus our attention on defeating the deep state using our prayers, our heart resonance, our power to speak and spread the news, our ability to discuss the hard issues with our friends, families and community members over the holidays."

We ARE a Rising Voice for Children!

When we shine the light into the
darkness it loses its power over us.


Working together we will shine the Light around the world exposing the lies and darkness which is revealing a new way to enjoy all that has been Given. I've been following the Light for many years now and it as not let me down yet. Has certainly made for an interesting journey and here I am on a most incredible Steemit platform with a most exceptional community and growing number of friends. Merry Christmas and Love to All!



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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @vickiebarker for supporting @familyprotection

You are right, that the timing of everything that has been happening lately, including starting @familyprotection here on Steemit, and Trump's executive order -- is not simply "coincidence."

I feel so much is falling into place that I have to acknowledge that it is a higher power putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together. I am just thrilled to be able to play my part in this.

Thank-you for your part in in too!

Certainly turning into a wonder-full journey isn't it? All happening and not without reason. That long standing, illusive "tipping point" maybe has been reached? Whatever the reason, I am relieved to see it all being exposed and grateful for all those coming together with their own little pieces of this most monstrous puzzle. Certainly it is a higher power that sees the need to present the entire picture.

The timing for me ending up on Steemit with the United We Light is another universal synchronicity I should share with you sometime. What an amazing time we are in. Steemin' on!

"United we light!"

For the changes we wish to see in the world! More light, less darkness.

Thank you for bringing this to steemit

Thank you for BEing here @pangoli it is a collective effort of which you certainly are a part. Pleased to meet you!

Thank you @vickiebarker, I agree, the more we bring light to all the suffering the better. We all have our own ways of reaching out and bringing awareness and it's so important to remain active in doing so. To reach out to others and make a connection and in doing so bring strength to one another. Because the cause for family protection is so strong and the time put in by so many contributors on here is proof of that. I have learnt alot from them all and been enraged and inspired in equal measures. We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for and we are rising. xx

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 Darkness cannot tolerate light and so it hides from the light. But we can overcome the roaches of darkness as we expose and destroy the evils of this world. Children and families need our love and protection. Most of all they need our prayers. I will pray and encourage others to do so. Good always trumps evil. Through God we are the good and He uses us as instruments of his love and peace. Share the light with other and become the light for all to see. Let your light shine and lead the way for many to follow. We are the light though God. Amen.

Very well said, as usual. Many blessings to you and yours!

In light there is no darkness, no not one. The road is becoming clearer and brighter by the day. My prayers ascends up for the world. Than you @vickiebarker for choice-fully casting your mind to the other side of the season in hope to bring the "suffering" the world undergoes for many eyes to see and think forward on helping the world and her Children

We are all in this together and as @canadian-coconut said above we all have our "little parts to play" and a service or contribution to the greater good in some way. I am happy we all ended up on this leg of the journey together. And we have so many yet to meet along the way. Steem on!

Wow nice your post.@vickiebarker

Thank you Anna for being brave and reliving this horrible event that took place, yet again at the hands of the so called 'child protectors'

And thank you Linda for continuing to do all you can to help families stay together, you have a heart of gold.

Thank you @baizid and yes, these committed and dedicated souls have hearts of gold. And are speaking for many, many children until they can have a voice of their own. Many blessings to you and yours!

You are a wonderful soul @vickiebarker. Your point about all news being unreliable is spot on and one that many need to adopt, if they want to avoid the traps.

Traps indeed.....and a tangled web. There are many wonderful souls here together, that in itself should raise some frequencies, vibrations and/or energy and you are one as well ;)

I choose to send my energy to the celebration state. Looking at the suffering i think it is making even more suffering in the world... So if I can be happy today, I will. And If I will look at the bad effects of consumerism, I will try to look at it in a positive way. There is so much negativity in the world... if we on purpose get into this state of mind, I don't know who will actually help.. Just my dilemma...

Hi @purplemoon. I wanted to respond to your comment about "adding negativity" to the world by "looking at" it. I feel that shining light into darkness is the exact opposite of that. We all share this world. Ignoring suffering of others, especially the innocent, hurts ourselves, not the world. We need to be able to bear reality, to enlarge our personal spiritual container enough to be positive IN SPITE OF evil and that takes work and commitment. These recent developments to interrupt child-trafficking and expose satanic abuse of children IS cause to celebrate on a resounding scale. "The truth shall set you free" is not just a corny maxim, it is the most powerful transformational force humanity has for breaking out of our collective chains. That is why there is so much secrecy, lying, propoganda and social engineering-- to keep us from knowing ourselves, eachother, the difference between evil and Light and especially from waking up. Not looking at something does nothing except fragment our own psyches and enable the evil-doers to go on with business as usual. I say these things with compassion and respect, as I know we all have the free will to choose how we live our precious human lives. Blessings, @dakini5d

thank you @dakini5d for taking the time to respond to my comment! You are indeed right! If we manage to spread the light when we look into the darkness, this is the way to go for changing the world. But if we don't manage to keep ourselves positive when doing it and when we add more negativity into the world because we are not balanced enough, there arise the problem. Ideally, we would all be able to shine from inside no matter where we are and what do we see. I am still learning to keep the very precious balance, while helping others. Blessings and happy days, xx

Blessings, @purplemoon. I just think that we are so dang lucky to live HERE and NOW with this beautiful turning of the wheel as we watch the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon take hold of human consciousness!

I know I couldn't have responded as well as @dakini5d has. Very well said and @purplemoon I do indeed understand your point of the too much negativety, people are drowning in it. Now is a new time. Time to shine the light on the negativity to allow others the chance to see what is being revealed so they may make more informed choices for themselves and those they care for.

We now no longer have to face the darkness wondering what evil lies within. That creates fear. Shine the light to expose the evil living within that darkness and together with all that is good, right and just the solution is revealed.

I was looking at a very interesting painting today in an art book this morning and found a painting called: Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime It depicts the Divine Vengeance, illuminating the way with a torch, and Justice, armed with sword and scales, pursing a criminal. It was painted by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon in the early 1800's.

I had to look it up and amazingly it is stored at the Getty Museum in Southern California. And if you do not know what is "allegedly" going on and what is stored under The Getty, it should be researched.

Everyone has a part to play along this journey and what-ever we may feel to do for the greater good will bring forth positive energy.

New Year will enter tonight with midnight
We hope that it will be better than 2017 and that there will be more progress and prosperity
Happy year to all and we wish all the struggle and diligence in this year to realize your dreams
Let us make this year a beautiful and happy year for all

Absolutely Vickie! Let me know any way I can help!

I am still learning this Steemit platform and just only found your blog today. (BTW for anyone reading this comment, if you go to topics and click on familyprotection you will find a growing number of people that are identifying some of the most heinous of crimes perpetrated on our world's children and families. Please take a moment to scroll down the many blogs of information)

Thank you for the most important contributions in your posts. One of the problems facing the issue of putting a stop to this horrible practice is the need for a more fully informed public. Few realize the magnitude of this problem. I applaud all that you have done here on Steemit.

I do appreciate any and all ideas, suggestions and/or positive criticism that will help make our efforts more successful and to reach more people.

As what you can do to help, it looks like you are doing a great service already and if I can ask just for that One simple Minute. I feel there is a divine intervention taking place and many of the tools to make that happen are right here in the Steemit community. Steem on as we move toward a better world and as always, let peace be the journey!

Great post vickie, I like this post!

Thank you. I so appreciate all that I am learning here on this platform and grateful for the many good people I meet here. I'm excited to be a little part of making the world a better place but certainly would have little hope if not for other like-minded as yourself. Blessings to you and yours!

Thank you for this @vickiebarker
Every child deserves to be with the family they love...
The pain of separation for children is what we want to stop. Every child and parent deserve to be able to choose what makes them happy... I support united we light and family protection.

Thank you @ponmile for your support. Together we will make the difference and bring these families back together and redefine what "protecting" children really should mean. Big changes around the world!

Thank you @ponmile Scars for some are buried so very deep the cause is no longer recognizable to them. Appreciate your thoughtfulness in writing the post. So many feel alone in their pain and sometimes it takes only the smallest of choices to make a big difference. We are all looking for solutions and @team-solutions is now up and running. You may want to check it out:

RESPECT Vickie!!!! Thank you for REFUSING to turn away!! God I love you SIS!!!!!!!!

Thank you Lyndsay, it is you and a growing number of others that keep the torch burning. Sending love and many Blessings to you and yours!

very informative and thank you so much. please all lets help the light shine

I'll be offering my prayers, particularly for the children of the world. Much respect to you.

Thank you @skytronia Many blessings to you!

You are most welcome. Your post was refreshing for me and I find it appealing that the thought of having people like you in this world, will always make for a better world. Many blessing to you too.

Thank you for your heartfelt testament to the importance of bearing-witness and working together to end child-trafficking and human suffering at this incredible juncture in history, @vickiebarker. It is very heartening to have a network on Steemit who can support and enliven each other as the world is awakening to reality-- especially the sickening reality that recent modern society has been socially engineered to destroy families, feed off the life-force of children and destroy the collective spirituality of humanity. I also appreciate, personally, your support of my blog as I try to get the news out on Steemit. United We Light! Resonating daily, at 6pm. Blessings!

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Thank you @thethreehugs it is most appreciated. Pleased to meet you!

You are welcome and same here my friend.