"One World ( We are One)"

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Another election is coming up here in Canada, and it's really foolish to see everyone talking about who is going to get elected in and going on about the Liberals and Conservatives and expecting to see any form of positive change in this society.

These government are nothing more than a front for enslavement of us all by the powerful Masters who call the shots around here and direct the government what to do.

We call this life here and accept things the way they are, but this is not life, this is what has been created. There are other possible ways of living together, peacefully, where we limit suffering.

Unfortunately this place has been hijacked by greedy low-lifes and they have devised a plan to fool us into submitting to their demands. They have cut us off from our hearts and our ability to empathize with people. They have created a competition society where we are pitted against one another and struggling to survive.

They have created values and beliefs such as blaming one another if we are not able to conform and fit into this system and sell ourselves for money. We have all rallied around this idea of money and power and these concepts are embedded deep within this society creating all sorts of dysfunctional and sick malfunctions, such as childhood sexual abuse, mass murder, etc.

As I am stuck here at this time, it is increasingly difficult to maintain my composure and feel good. As I watch the corruption around me and the destruction of our Earth, it pains my heart and I become enraged, and the stupidity is too much to handle.

Around the world we see our brothers and sisters rising up and taking a stand against the corruption. Hong Kong, Paris, Spain, they are mobilizing and being brave, fighting the madness and being true to their hearts and trying to make a positive difference for themselves and those that come after them. This is admirable.

How many of our brothers and sisters around the world are very weak and sick and unable to fight because they are too controlled and can't break out of this trap they are forced into?

The Indigenous Nations, my people, have been struck down but we are regaining our strength and taking a stand. We are coming together and this is what we must do- Unite WORLDWIDE and say we are STRONG TOGETHER.

We need our ALLIES here to support us. The Blacks, Whites, Yellow People, we need you....Please DONATE...


Today we can create a better world for All of us. We are all deserving of a good quality of life, we are all truly glorious Beings and we need to understand the simple concept that we are all ONE.

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Great video! I have to say the Wet'suwet'en tribe is doing pretty good raising $233,000 so far. I hope they reach their goal.

I really love the message in the video, it is very powerful.

Yes, the Wet-suwet'en have lots of support and are occupying their homeland and protecting their sacred land. This is bringing us together and uniting us.

Have a glorious day Strong Warrior @hippie-witha-gun. I always love to hear from you :)

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