McKenzie Monument

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Here you can see the John McKenzie Monument in New Zealand from a distance, The sea in the back is nice i think :-)
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Hier seht ihr das John McKenzie Monument aus etwas Distanz, es war ein toller sonniger Tag als ich diese Foto geschossen habe :-)
Schaut doch meine Videos auf DTube an würde mich freuen :-)!/c/unique.esprit

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Of course I like it, when I see this picture, I would like to be on top and scream something and de-stress, it looks relaxing and peaceful, that's what the photo transmits to me.

WOW!! Great Pic. I invite you to know my profile. #Grrr-Love Lolipop! #UpVote

nice picture! how did you take it?

@stav-cohen, I take it whit my DJI Mavic Pro Platinum as the most of the pics in my gallery, thank you very much!

@i2015park, Thank you very much!

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Oh thank you soo much. I try every time the best to give you a great content, i have more nice pics stay with it and keep watching ;-)

Congratulation unique.esprit! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 65min with 26 votes.
Thanks to @souldelas.

🔥Keep up the good work🔥

@marjanko, Thank you very much for the compliment, i will ;-)

@fabian98, Thank a lot for your great commentarie, you very welcome :-)

@loli-pop, Tanks a lot :-)