Very strange, in Italy stealing food is not evil

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We need to know, in Italy is a very beautiful place and has a restaurant that is very much not only that the food menu provided is plenty and delicious, and what else is served Pizza is a typical Italian food more people / tourists from other countries arrive Just to discuss These Italian specialties, Italian pizzas are opened famous everywhere, in other countries there are also a lot of restaurants that are only for Pizza, and in Italy there is an event that is very surprising to the Italians.


There is a boy who is very hungry, the boy is named Romeo (16). And then Romeo is a street child who always asks for help from other people (Pengamen) sometimes Romeo also takes action to get money, sometimes a day Romeo can only get a little money to buy fruit only, Romeo also looks for reason again at one point crossed his head Romeo, Romeo wants to steal food from the food seller, Romeo did the action when it was approaching the evening, the action was seen by residents who crossed and caught him, Romeo was taken to trial for punishment, Romeo was a very poor orphan.

And after arriving at the trial Romeo was sentenced to steal and was sentenced to 6 months in prison and paid a fine. Romeo was very surprised by what was read by the law enforcer. Arriving at that time there was also a man who wanted to help Romeo, the man explained that Romeo only committed petty crimes and he only stole food to eat because of starvation, the law enforcer also had two times to punish Romeo, many spectators defended Romeo, finally law enforcers only gave a warning to Romeo, even more unique was the market for stealing eating in Italy, Romeo was very lucky when there was a man the man who saved him.

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