UniPower [POWER] - Weekly update #1

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As I said in one of my past posts UniPower the new project that is applying a kind of experiment using a 100% PoL protocol has been revolutionizing the crypto market and it is not for less since it has built a community of +1500 people in just 13 days and a very robust marketing market. Although its price has dropped a little since my last publication it remains standing with really interesting daily volumes.

Unipower foto.jpg

And with this, it is achieving great strides, this week in nothing more and nothing less than Coingecko CoinMarketCap and obtained a listing in the famous exchange Bidesk where its market is expected to solidify and as the days go by it increases its adoption and just that is happening since the number of holders has increased significantly to 682, with a number of transfers exceeding 11,000.

Entre otras cosas hace un poco mas de 4 dias anuncio su primero concurso de trading, el cual esta siendo realizado en su exchange insignia UniSwap en el cual hay jugosos premios para los primeros 10 lugares.


It also has an excellent community on Discord/Telegram if you want to join here I will leave you the links of all their social networks, join and be part of the change.

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