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I returned last night to our home fire.  For the past two months we worked hard to plan for this Spiritual Sovereignty retreat that we completed this weekend.  We had a beautiful group of some of the most brave spiritual beings as they all attended, played 'all in' and did spectacular work.  The facilitation team did brilliant work leading up to this retreat and nailed it in the delivery of the concepts and ideas that we all worked so hard to share.

Sunday morning I received a profound download from Spirit and I decided to use it during one of the segments that I was facilitating on Sunday.  I will do my best to share what happened.

To help with this journey, we used colored tape to draw a large medicine wheel on the floor.  I've used this wheel before, so imagine black, white, red and yellow tape laid out on the floor to build the outline of this wheel!

What Spirit showed me was to use the wheel to explain my own journey and what it looked like in regards to the interactions within this wheel.  I asked key facilitators to stand up and position themselves at the outside edge of each segment of the wheel.  One represented my physical body, standing on the edge of the black quadrant of the circle.  Another represented my Spirit and she stood on the edge of the yellow quadrant.  I also had a lady represent my intellect, on the white and another representing my feelings and emotions, standing on the red.   

I represent 'I / ego', not to be confused with the English definition of ego.  I meet with Spirit first and then I entered the circle.  Acknowledging my passage through a divine feminine being that agreed to be the portal for me to pass from the Spiritual Realm into the Physical Realm, I meet my new body / vessel for the first time.  I'm excited to learn and I also introduce myself to my feelings and also to my intellect.  I bound around the circle having a lot of fun and joy exploring this new world.  At this point in the demonstration, I represent a little boy who has yet to obtain emotional, physical or even intellectual maturity.

I then asked a dear friend to take my martial arts training sword and from outside of the circle, she lashed out at the physical and emotional areas of the medicine wheel.  This act was to represent trauma or some sort of injury that we experience as children.  As a child, I did not know what to do with this.  Some people would curl up and try to hide from the trauma.  My story is that I picked up the sword and turned my attention away from the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of who I was and went to war with those around me.  

The four ladies that represented the for aspects of me then went into the middle of the medicine wheel to protect that which is sacred.  Feeling abandoned, ignored and perhaps even abused, the four ladies picked up pillows and started to hit me with the pillows to get my attention.  While I was focused on all the people outside of myself, my spirit, intellect, emotions and even my body tried desperately to get my attention.  I ignored them to the point that I was beat down to the ground.  

It was this point in my life that I yelled 'stop' and decided to turn around, look at the chaos, harm, fear, pain, abandonment and all the other traumas that my spirit, body, mind and heart was feeling.  That was my first surrender and that was the moment that I took my sword and turned it over to spirit.  I then worked hard to reconcile my relationship with spirit, body, mind and heart so that they all felt loved, healed and in balance with one another.  It required that I turn my back on all the people outside of myself and focus inwards, towards my own healing.  

That is when the facilitator representing my spirit then handed me my wand.  It is a sacred item given to me by a shaman from Mexico a couple years ago.  It represents my ability to perform magic, healing, power and authority.  It gave me the ability to manifest great changes in my life and feel empowered to do so rather than thinking that my only choice is to react to life.  

The point of this exercise was to physically play out the process that we all do inside of ourselves but have a hard time articulating or demonstrating for people.  This is the moment that my dear friend took the sword and then hit the mental and spiritual side of the circle.  This is when I demonstrated my ability to deal with this violence in a healthier way.  I forgave her, re-established the boundary, picked up the sword and surrendered it to spirit.  My spirit then gifted me my staff which represents my maturity and ability to engage in even deeper power, magic, power and authority.  

Now that I reconciled my relationship with self and was able to stand in the middle of the medicine wheel, I felt strong enough to then turn my focus outside of the wheel to all those people in my life.  The wheel represents my personal space, the boundaries, standards and protocols that I set in order to honour and protect the sacred space I call 'me'.  Nobody has jurisdiction in this space but myself and Creator.  It is 100% my responsibility and accountability to ensure that space is maintain for my own health, safety, growth and honour.  It is within this space that the kingdom of God resides within me and I am responsible for the health, protection and growth of all aspects of who I AM.

Now that I cleaned up and started the healing process within the chaotic me, I now have room for others.  At this point in the demonstration, I invited my oldest son into the circle.  The middle of circle is my space.  Nobody goes into that area.  But my wife and sons have a special place right beside my inner circle.  I then invited dear friends who occupy the next rung just outside the space I reserve for my family.  Tribe members get the next rung and the new people that I met this weekend were invited into the outside rung.  

My circle ended up being full of people, all of which I care for deeply and want to work on building or maintaining relationships with them.  Seeing this group of people helped me feel loved, welcomed and fulfilled.  There was a lot of loneliness in the chaos of my battles as there was no room in my medicine wheel for anybody but myself.  The battle between me and my spirit, body, mind and heart was enough to ensure that nobody got into my space or got too close to me.  My violence, armour, mistrust, anger and pain made sure of that!

But when I healed myself, I suddenly found lots of room for people.  The standards that I set for how those relationships unfold is up to me within my own medicine wheel.  The closer people are to me, the harder I work to resolve disputes, spend time, work, heal, play and grow.  However, if other people disrespect me, violate the boundaries that I've set or engage in violence, then I will confront them to remedy the situation.  If we are unable to resolve the issue, then I will kick people out of my circle.  

I am 100% responsible for my medicine wheel.  I am 100% responsible for me.  I use my intellect to stand vigilant, question and analyze.  He is not there to make decisions, but to check in and help the other aspects of my being.  My heart space, where my feelings emanate is responsible for making decisions.  These two must work hand in hand together in order for me to balance myself.  My Spiritual body and physical body must also find a way to honour and respect one another as they too must find a way so that I can be centered between the two.  It is this balance and being centered that allows us to then handle the stress, violence, grace, beauty, prosperity, joy, love and freedom that currently exists in this world.  

The Spiritual Sovereignty retreat was ALL about introducing to the participants all the aspects of who we are so that they can heal and step into their power and authority.  When each individual finds their way into a centered and balanced way of life, then they are in a healthy space to reach out to other people to build sacred relationships with others.  

THAT is the goal for our next retreat in June, which we are calling ... Sacred Relationships!

These retreats were broken into two separate events as the work required to heal oneself is necessary before we can heal our relationships with others.  I'll be taking a few days off to recharge, heal and recover from what is turning out to be an extremely powerful healing circle.  We are already getting news from participants that people who were not even at the retreat were doing their own healing, made changes to their lives and are behaving in healthy ways, which is out of character to their behaviour in the past.  

Our sacred healing circle had such powerful magic and medicine, that it radiated out of the circle and touched the lives of others.  Don't for a second believe that we cannot change the world.  Indeed it is people who do this type of work that will impact the lives of millions of other people and in fact change this world for ever.  

As we all heal ourselves, stand in the jurisdiction of our own spiritual sovereignty, we bring Heaven to Earth, heal all the spiritual beings that are here, including Mother Earth and we will end the violence!  

We made a difference this weekend and the implications of our work will be felt far and wide.  

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Wow, this sounds like it was amazing retreat with examples such as you have explained here in so much detail! A sort of role playing within one's own inner feelings and struggles, just marvelous.

Thanks so much for sharing this process with us.

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Thank you @thistle-rock for dropping by and commenting. I'm glad that you got something out of the experience. It was a fantastic retreat and those that found a way to attend got a lot out of the experience. Lots of growth, miracles, laughter and tears were shared with the whole group!