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Good evening @zorg67. I am a reasonable man and having a meaningful and respectful conversation about tags would be far more honourable and dignified than starting a relationship with violence. I assume you are referring to the technology tag that I put on my post. May I point out that the word technology means:

the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

The term science means:

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

While many would assume that technology only applies to machines, computers, etc, it also applies to the knowledge we need so that we can interact with the natural world in a healthy way. This post explains practical activities that can help us all navigate through the physical and natural world. So please explain to me how your violent flag is justified and how you claim that my use of the word 'technology' does not apply?

The burden of proof is on you @zorg67 as you are the one making the claim that I cannot use the tag as intended. I conditionally accept your claim on the condition that you prove that the definitions I used are not valid or are incorrect and upon proof that my post fails to provide people with the tools or knowledge to help people navigate through the physical world. I also ask for proof that you can lash out in violence against me without my consent and prove to me that you can define words to fit your argument without consideration to others who are using those words. I would also like to see proof that you have the authority to sensor me and that I granted that authority to you.

My whole blog is about peace, freedom and prosperity for all. You blatantly defy that peace with your violent behaviour. I ask that you govern yourself accordingly in your response to me. Let it also be known that I forgive you and I pray for your own healing. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

I AM that I AM
my spirit name is White Walking Feather
my vessels name is rob and it was born in the page family

My master is Creator and nobody else.


Your post does not talk about technology, science, engineering or maths. It is in fact a religious statement. There is no violence involved in my downvote and it only removes STEM not steem or any other token. Your definition of technology is not shared by this community.

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