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While we sit in our cozy earthship, watching the bright sun shine deep into our home, we acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation what Creator provides for us, protecting us from this -40C cold snap is a bonus!  The cold, frigid air has gripped the land while those who are dependent upon the grid start giving thanks to the grid and their corporate masters for all the gas, oil and coal they need to keep warm.  There is a lot to be said about learning how to live off the land, be independent and homesteading for 12 years and counting.

While I've dedicated the last 17 moon cycles to this blockchain, I've dumped a life time of knowledge and experiences here as well.  Making the transition to living on the land can be challenging and for those who want to support people like us in our efforts to lead by example, purchasing our services, goods and healing modalities is a beautiful way of showing that support.  

Then Creator opened a door for us though an angel and dear friend @earthmother.  She sent us a link a few days ago pointing us towards, put together by the team @homesteaderscoop.  She did not have to say a word as she knew the site can speak for itself.  When I found out that the site was tied into the Steem blockchain, did not want to be a middle man, has no fees for being a vendor or for transactions, but instead just wanted to curate the vendors, encourage homesteading and facilitating relationships, well the choice to join was easy to make.


This is exactly the type of infrastructure that my wife and I are looking for in our efforts to barter and trade with others.  This platform empowers the connection between people without corporate greed or interference.  As a result, homesteaders now have a better chance competing with the corporate machine that can pump out widgets pennies on the dollar.  Amazon and some of those other giants want a slice of the pie, but not the fine folks at @homesteaderscoop!!!  

I am very impressed with the idea and if our vendor status is approved, I will share more about our store front, products and our experiences with this site.  I am giddy with excitement and I look forward to interacting with people all over the world as they explore our offerings.  To be able to connect with others in an open and free way is what the new paradigm is all about.  

Look for the vendor 'Tawatinaw Spirit" as that is the name Carey will work through.  Tawatinaw is a Cree word which means 'His mouth is held open', fitting as her offering of medicine, tea and other healing modalities will be a part of her offerings.  

A note to others who are looking for ideas

If somebody made an app that allowed people to ship products much like people do when hiring Uber or other sharing coops, I think you could give Canada Post, UPS, Purolator and some of the other big guys a run for their money.  The power must always remain with the people and the more we can build our own infrastructure and become independent of the corporate machine, the faster we can heal this planet, each other and our relationships.  

Freedom comes from that healing process and finding ways to be independent.  Homesteading is, by far, the best path towards freedom, health and prosperity.  By supporting homesteaders, we all benefit as the next round of people moving off grid can accelerate the process.  What took us 10 years to do, the next group can do in two!

I applaud the fine folks behind @homesteaderscoop, especially @sagescrub, as this idea rings deep in my heart.  Bravo for taking the step towards independence, freedom, health and prosperity.  Bravo for walking away from greed and finding a way to be in service to one another.  I love the idea and I pray they accept our request to join as a vendor.  I would love to spend time indoors setting this all up for my wife while the trees crack due to the extreme cold.  

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@sagescrub is the brain behind @homesteaderscoop and deserves all the glad new people are discovering it!


You are right and I knew that too. I will add his steem account to my post as well. Thank you for reminding me.


You are very welcome 😊

Thank you for this beautiful words about our special Homesteaders Co-op. I was so glad to find your application this morning and am honored to have you two joining us! Thank you @wwf and thank you @earthmother for recognizing and sharing our message with those who care about freedom, resilience and sustainability =!

Homesteading is the base that crypto should have started to begin with. You can't build on a foundation that doesn't provide basic necessities.


I agree. <3

Anything that makes us break our relationship with corporations and feudal governments is useful to us in the future, even if it's just an idea if we support it by our solidarity will become stronger in the future.


This is so true. The idea that we share is the most important part of the project!

I agree, this is awesome. I also plan on applying to see if anyone wants hemp protein for steem :)

:). Pretty awesome! :)


Looking forward to seeing you as a vendor soon!!!

That sounds pretty cool! I wish you two all the best!