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The man had four sons, but the man was quite old, one day he gathered his sons and gave them advice.
Look, children, if you meet a sage one day, try to make the most of his wisdom.
Instead of keeping the sage busy by reading your own life story, ask him questions and take advantage of his deep knowledge.
I couldn't do this, but I saw that it was the biggest mistake I made in my life.
His sons laughed and said, "Our father is demented, and who is smarter than us?"
The time has come, when the sons decided to emigrate and set off, the father said to them, "Don't forget what I advised you to do."
Four harpoons came to a city and settled there, and in time they gained a position, and the older one became the governor of that city.
Again, one day, a wise man fell into that city, he looked everywhere smells of bribery, robbery, the poor are taken away from the poor and they are made to work in the most difficult jobs.
When this wise man visited the holy places and told the people about the decay of the city and society, the clergy first followed him and tried to punish him.
One day, while he was telling the people what had happened in a temple, they caught him and brought him before the governor.


The governor immediately cut the sentence and sentenced the wise man to death.
They tied an ox yoke on the sage's back and brought him before the king and said, "We will hang this man."
When the king said to them, what did this man do that you will hang him, they said that he is inciting the people and inciting them to revolt.
However, if such a criminal event had happened, the king would have known already.
The king called out to them and the people, and he took a notorious murderer out of prison and said, "The man you want to hang is a wise man, when you see him, he is a notorious murderer."
If you say the murderer should be hanged, the wise will live, if you say no, the wise man will be hanged, you decide.
The king knew that the sage was innocent and instead of getting blood on his hands, he blamed the people on the people because they were not aware of the issue and were under the influence of the governor and the clergy of the time.
The king again knew that this event would make history, and he did not want to go down in history as a bloody murderer.
The clergy, the governor and the people were suddenly divorced from his bed like a flood and cried out wise, wise, wise.
So the murderer would be forgiven and the wise hanged.
As a matter of fact, it was so, and they dragged the sage to the gallows on a high hill.
The wise man said, "God forgive these bastards, they don't know what they are doing."
And while the sage was hanged, the murderer was freed.
One day, the governor's road fell to the city where he was born and grew up, and he looked at his father on his deathbed.
The father looked and said, governors can never be kings, and kings are always born kings.
You couldn't even understand the king, what makes the king king is that he was born from a king, do you understand what life is now?
The son said, my father is senile, I hope he surrenders his soul quickly and everyone will be saved.
And as the father slipped into the spirit world, he waited for a while in the cemetery and cried.
He said that this time I could not succeed because he gave himself to his eldest son.

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