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On this tropical hot day in my little country - the Netherlands - time to get underground. And when I write underground, I mean underground, and I'll hope you will join me.

These guys from The Hague (another one of those tiny cities we have in the west) seems to be there forever. The moment I fell in love with miss Techno, their music stuck with me (BTW, don't tell anyone, but this was around mid-90s). In fact, Unit Moebius first records where released early 90s and they where maybe the ones who drove underground techno in this country know by the general public for its dominance in the dance music: from Hardcore, Gabber, Trance to EDM. Well, those days all techno was underground, almost literally underground :) Nowadays, it is much different, but Unit Moebius is still deep, very deep into the underground.

Moebius/Möbius Strip © Joaquin Baldwin 3D Printed Designs (source)

Anyway, Unit Moebius is still active today. Pretty active even. Travelling the world, exposing the public to their Acid Techno Underground style music in form of live acts.

Don't expect the usual; Close your eyes; Open your mind; Hit the play button and take it in.

In case the set recording is a bit too much for you, then try their album "The Golden Years" (spotify): still underground, but (much) more accessible.


Artist: Unit Moebius
Set: Boiler Room St Petersburg
Year: 2017
Country: Netherlands

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what do you do to survive this weather? i can't handle the heath no more... and the amount of ice creams i eat on days is.. too damn high :Boiler room is something I see potential in on the blockchain actually with live or so, organize a party and stream it on dlive. listening

To survive the weather, I go to my airconditioned office :)

Boilerroom: could indeed be on DLive, issue only is that these services are way to instable at the moment, damaging the brand. Also not sure about copyright laws; It is grey area imho.

for the most of the time during the year I am living in Netherlands and I've never heard about Unit Moebius. I was also surprised how much they released since early 90s. I just resteem and upvote this contet !

Maybe because they are so underground? :) they have a performance in Muziekgebouw aan t IJ in Amsterdam the day before Dekmantel festival starts.

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I see that they also recently played @ WORM Rotterdam on the Tar Hallow's Night. TH ± Tar Hallow is an underground label from Rotterdam.

thanks for this post :)

I've just watched one of their videos on YouTube, and I agree that it is pretty underground.
My influence in the early 90s was from UK's hardcore rave scene with Stu Allan being one of the best UK-based DJs playing this type of music back then (he still hosts his own shows on OSN radio).
I can see (hear) some light connection of Unit Moebius's music with D&B, am I right?

Not sure how to classify their music, certainly it has influences from different genres, their album I linked in the post has D&B elements in it. The Boiler Room set I would say it is more obscure electro.