Eric Andre Rips Off One of My Skits & YouTube Hits Me With A 'Copyright Violation' All In Same Month (VIDEO)

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In this video, I talk about two crazy incidents that happened to me in July: First, the discovery that Eric Andre and Derick Bickles' new show Mostly 4 Millennials ripped off a skit from my Grab 'Em By The Flat Earth video. Then, if that wasn't annoying enough, YouTube hits me with a copyright claim over some footage that was used in a trans formative fair use way for my critique video 'How To Be A Slave To The Third Wave'. Yeah thanks so much for passing Article 13, congress, YOU FUCKING CUNTS! All that and then I discuss some of my aesthetic plans for later in the year. Watch the video down below and remember to HULK SMASH that Like button (on here and/or BitChute) and subscribe to my BitChute channel. This is Sanjay the Indian Fortune Teller saying "Subscribe Bitches! Hare Krishna!"

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