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I have always been interested in the Arctic, maybe that is why I have always had a fascination with Scandinavia, maybe that is why I also started learning Swedish in the first place.

Today, I have been zooming in and out on Svalbard (known also as Spitzbergen) using Google Earth and what I found impressed me a lot and now I have virtually started planning a trip to a relatively abandoned mining city called Pyramide or Пирамида (Piramida) in Russian. It is or it used to be a Russian coal-mining community but the place has a short but quite mixed history from being founded by Swedes in 1910, but then sold to the Soviet Union in 1927 and it is all part of Norway.

Interesting already and it has a fantastic sign! >>> CHECK THIS OUT

What I, however, really wanted to share with you though was Tove Styrke's, a Swedish musician's video called 'Borderline' which was filmed in Pyramiden on Svalbard >>>

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