AIGO; The future of the global economy

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Today, the world is on the verge of major changes, the global evolution of internet technologies is taking place, replacing a more progressive electronic age of the industrial one. Most entrepreneurs are turning offline business models into an electronic environment, and e-commerce is actively evolving. All of this allows you to cut costs, increasing the scalability of nearly all businesses and their customer base. E-commerce is the future of the entire world's economy, by 2021 this network is already estimated to reach more than 2 billion active users all over the world. Fiat funds are gradually being dropped into the background, many people are using only cards for purchases.

All this is of course very good progress and development, but there are a few problems that cannot be solved with the functionality of the systems currently running. The whole structure of e-commerce is highly centralized and dependent on the financial instrument of the country in which it operates. This kind of centralization is hardly friendly in relation to ordinary citizens because they have to give a steady percentage to the myriad intermediaries who follow the size of their transactions, who do nothing but follow the size of their transactions. The current financial system has many flaws, it has long needed modernization. All these problems encouraged the developers of the Aigo project to build their own completely decentralized economic model of the future, whose functionality would be built based on modern blockchain technology.

AIGO is an innovative pay structure as it will be possible to transfer electronic funds directly from user to user, bypassing all types of banks and other intermediary networks, and thus making every percentage of the sender safe and sound. Additionally, Aigo plans to release a special series of crypto cards, with people being able to easily and simply perform sales transactions at any store anywhere in the world for the crypto money available on the balance sheet.

So far it seems utopian, but it will take several years and the world will move entirely to cryptocurrency payment gateways. Today, civilization's blockchain faces many challenges preventing decentralized systems from entering traditional financial markets. For example, to buy something for Bitcoin you must first exchange it with fiat funds, all of which are too long, inappropriate and costly, Aigo solves this problem! Through a specially created algorithm, AIGO AI-payment operations can be made directly between the parties of the transaction without the participation of third parties directly. Another advantage of the platform is that it can be implemented in almost any ecosystem with a large number of payment networks, which is very useful to all cryptocurrency enthusiasts because it eliminates the need to use banking services when trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

AI-payment, Wallet, app:

To make and facilitate the ecosystem as safe as possible, the ai-payment tool has been specially developed. With this, you can make any transaction with digital assets. In addition, Aigo developers have sought to create their own wallets and mobile apps that can now be downloaded from App store.

Pay in installments:

The AI Aigo payment system provides investors with the opportunity to sell goods and services in installments. This gives ecosystem users really great opportunities. Credit companies check customers on solvency for risk management and then give them the amount they need.


The Aigo team does not want to stop and plans to build a worldwide payment infrastructure in the future. AIGOPay will be something like the well-known Visa or Mastercard today, but with a decentralized model that will destroy all brokerages and completely change our world, it will finally give power to the states and a handful of people elected under the leadership of the banks.



AIGO does not house intermediaries represented by banks and other centralized systems, and it captures all the world's markets by creating an unincorporated economy of the future. That's what people expected, decentralization, independence, and credibility. The project has a team of highly qualified professionals, strong partners and everything needed to implement all the plans.

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It is a practical and good opportunity to convert our crypto money into foreign currency without any debit card.

AIGO offers ability of reaching most of markets without using any other third party so that can be a good advantage of for a payment method provider.

AIGO was particularly interested in bringing the form of installment payments to the Krypto money market. The system's irreplaceable decentralized distributed ledger technology will be another surplus.

Crypto payment platforms are increasing day by day. In addition, AIGO solves this industry's problems. It will be the preferred reason for this.

By aigo people can send digital wallet peer 2 peer . Transactions can be made faster and secure

The AI-powered payment and risk management system is a really cool idea. I like the very fundamentals of the project and added to my follow list. Thanks.

AIGO would build brand new bridges between cryptocurrencies and foreign currencies.

AIGO does not house go-betweens spoken to by banks and other incorporated frameworks, and it catches all the world's business sectors by making a unincorporated economy of things to come.

It is an important goal to ensure that digital assets are transferred between users without any intermediaries.