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early 2000s , fruityloops, i had a major HD-crash which left me with nothing but a few real-audio files from about everything i made that period, which, sadly i consider my best period in music ... (not that i ever released anything but since choon first lures me into it, then acts like a wanker without warning like its name is microsoft i have a sudden urge to post nothing but music-videos ...)

by MrMalice (= alleycat=me)
So the remainder of the "lost files" are all lo-fi, sadly and i dont have the flp or rsn or xm for those anymore either, DAM' harddrives ... got me to using "the cloud" until microsoft showed me that data in the cloud "belongs to them" and can be locked and killed whenever they feel like it "for no reasons given" like those wankers from choon :) ... yuppie trash

yea, a week of headache makes me friendlier by the second, 17 years of broke make that count for double, and people telling me how its done while i KNOW how its done .. i dont need that :)

who has my money ?

Not ? you DO remember i was giving away 10% TEN PERCENT of all steem i receive on this account as a pledge, until steemcleaners attacked, right ?

YOU DO REMEMBER THAT, RIGHT ? yes ofcourse i stopped doing that, im not mother(fucking) Theresa, certainly not like that

but what i'm actually slightly excited about is ::

the new #blender

you tell me again why i should "buy" windows and adobe and all that crap that takes 30 minutes to boot and 256gb of ram to run ?

yes my windows is licensed, precious, a temporary lapse of sanity i suppose

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