Big News! SEER is now listed on Bitfinex, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform!!

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Bitfinex is pleased to introduce trading for SEER (SEER). Trading is live as of 15PM UTC against ETH, BTC and USD.
SEER is a next generation, blockchain-based prediction market built on the Graphene toolkit. Seer provides users with the ability to express judgments on the outcome of future events through means of the market mechanism, and allows for effective predictions through the gathering of intelligence and user insights. Additionally, it also allows for the deployment of customised development projects, such as sports betting, finance market prediction, asset price prediction and event outcome prediction!
Margin trading & funding will be enabled gradually as the order book gains sufficient liquidity. SEER is a unique project with a fantastic development vision and we are proud to provide a platform of support through which their project can grow.

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