<unboxing & first impression> Moondrop Spaceship earphone: decent cheap earphone...?

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Alright, so...

Since wired ANC earphone broke some weeks ago, I really wanted to get back to that, as soon as possible,
but without enough money, I couldn't.

So I just decided to wait... wait... and wait... until I get enough money for one.
But of course it would be slow to earn more.

Few days ago, suddenly someone from some community wanted to sell so many stuff -- receivers -- for much cheaper price.
Of course I wasn't tempted at first... but I decided, why not just give it a try if it's that cheap?

So... I almost failed... until the other person just allowed me to take that. (and that person took another. Actually it was combined listing so who knew.)
... you know what's next! 😂

So... here we go! lol


Alright, it's quite small and simple packaging.
(Some other earphones from the same company have bigger boxes. anyway...)

As you can see, it's simple background which (obviously) looks like somewhere in space,
and the unit of the earphone is exposed, so you can see how it looks at a glance.
Interestingly, no eartips are applied out of the box. I didn't see earphones sold like that before.
Maybe it's just me....

Alright, onto the unraveling...
(and... oh, hi there, anime girl!)

OK, lets have a closer look at the unit....

Well, I don't know if you can notice, but there's little scuffs and dents in some spots.
Probably my expectation was... bit too high. 😅

Well, you know what:
These earphones are done by hand for most of the processes.
So that's why there could be imperfections as I could spot all over the place. 😛
But I actually wouldn't complain, cause of that, and the fact the price is (originally) so... cheap!
Also, that's the reason why Moondrop's earphones will be sold in limited quantity.

Not only that, unit(housing) is made out of brass (and chrome),
and the cable... 4N Litz oxygen free copper.
Driver is multi-stiffness dynamic driver, they say.

Moondrop intends to make this and another one called Shiro Yuki to make itself popular globally.
Using good materials and decent quality.... at this really low price!

[first impressions]:
(... after using for few days..?)

Well, however, the best fit for you would be the one that makes sound you would like... probably.
In that regard, I too would give my opinion based on my preferences! lol

I am not inclined to all flat tone but... probably... fan of bass? lol
Like, I really want earphones to have punchy, deep bass,
but at the same time I don't want the earphone to sound... too muddy -- should have enough clarity so the bass and others wouldn't bury the overall music. So at least bass should have some clarity at the same time.

So... I tested out without and with EQ -- with maximum for low band for bass and rest at 0(untouched) and trying listening to various genres I could think of.

And... I should say:
I am really impressed with the clarity this earphone gave!
For every track I heard (at least none had obviously unclear part)... it's so clear with flat EQ,
so clear that I even caught so subtle sound with one track I didn't hear before with other earphones like Xiaomi ANC earphone....
In this regard, it's satisfying...

But... bass...
where are you bass...... 😭😭

Even with EQ with maximum bass setting I just can't hear it for many tracks
which I could with Xiaomi ANC earphone.
Of course when it's something like EDM that already has so strong bass it's pleasant clear bass, hmm... not perfectly satisfying but ok....
But for most tracks that needed to have at least some bass (at least for me)... oof. sadly not. :/

Oh, as for fitting the earphone into the ear (literally)...
it's... better than I expected! I could at least make it properly put deep enough inside my ears,
(instruction papers seemed to indicate you should push it deep enough.)
and pushing further after some point didn't make the change of sounds I hear.
It's... probably one of the better aspects compared to Xiaomi ANC earphone...
for which... I did hear difference when I tried to push even further but I wasn't able to maintain that without keep pushing the units deeper.

And... also, some minor gripe with this earphone:
as this earphone's unit is made of metal,
that means leaked (electric) current could make you uncomfortable.
I... just... could... feel it so well... under certain situation.

See, when I charged LG Q8 (2017 model that is called V20 Pro in Japan), the phone with decent DAC -- yep, some LG phones has Quad DAC in it! --... I at times just simply couldn't bear the tickle and uncomfortableness that keeps happening like 10 seconds or so at worst. I think it was fine with LG V50, so maybe it was because Q8 has metal housing and not designed to prevent current leakage by itself, rather than (metal a bit, for sides but) mostly glass back of V50.
Not a major fault or anything, but something to note, for sure.

Also, more gripe: it may not be compatible with cases and accessories for phones or devices depending of how the accessories are. In my case, I couldn't get the earphone plugged in at all with TPU case for LG Q8 I had, while with V50 with Dual Screen attachment, which, suprisingly (at least to me, lol) doesn't cover the bottom almost at all... I didn't have such problem, of course.
Another minor inconveience? No controls (no buttons for volume, pause, etc) and no mic. Just for listening.
If you want to make a call with someone... you should take it off and unplug it, unfortunately.

So yeah, even though I got this even cheaper from deal -- from a seller who wanted to sell stuff quick for quick cash -- and mostly satisfying....
still not my ideal earphone, yet.

So I think I would be still in the process of saving the money for more decent one with ANC feature and 3.5mm earphone jack?
Will see...

Well, yeah, thanks for reading!

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