So do you act as a slave or as a free individual?

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So I read some alarmist stuff on fecesbook the other week, and it got me thinking about narrative and point-of-view, so I wrote a piece as a reflection...

Quoting the OP:
"...The law... ...will allow companies to use QR codes which require smart phones and data plans in order to access information spun by corporations, on corporate websites. The law discriminates against low income Americans, minorities, busy parents, the elderly, handicapped and rural Americans with no cell phone service. "


Yeah yeah, we GET IT! The emperor has scribbled some more whimsical decrees on a paper somewhere, and suddenly the state-corporate chronyist market will adopt and apply their typical abusive and legally constructed sociopathy, and some people will allegedly or inevitably get hurt.

Cry me a river, what a bunch of whinery! ;)
No pun intended to the author of the post, or anyone else lifting up this kinds of facts and new, we need to know. But acting like it's the gazillionth doomsday event under the still prevailing statetheist religion isn't doing anybody any god, other than spread fear and paranoia, the very core opponent to freedom and love.

Here is the kind of perspective I would hope more voluntaryists and free marketeers would vocalize AND adopt:

This is an AWESOME opportunity to use their force against them, through the very market it just enabled, and basically universalized as far as THEIR universe goes, NOT our, dudes and dudesses.

Progress, as ALWAYS, comes not from the sphere of law or politics, but from technological progress, above all, technologies for better communication and exchange of knowledge.

First off, stores can, and probably will in the name of consumer service, install readers for the richer meta-tags that those pixelated square EAN codes contain, just as they did bar-code readers to check prices.

Secondly, they are awesome for mobile-apps such as BuyCott where you can stay on top of how well your potential purchases matches your own criteria and values.
And by the way, make sure you use Bitcoin if you can, and realize that you can completely UNBANK yourself.

Oh, and for mortgages, I can highly recommend Jak International. Other suggestions warmly appreciated btw.

And if you have the means, do the right thing, go buy a Fairphone if you can afford it, and give the old one to someone who may need a code-reader with proper tools (apps) on it, so grandma can scan packages for her allergies and vote with her dollars/bitcoins.

They can scribble all the fucking laws they can muster, and it won't change reality one DAMN bit! Us free people will keep on growing in numbers exponentially, living free outside of your domain in all aspects. We are using torrents to share knowledge, block-chain and anonymous smart contracts for our transactions and businesses. We will buycott the shit out of statetheism, and de-fund it in every aspect WE can muster. And there is exactly SQUAT them parasite motherfuckers can do about it. So eat your fucking heart out tyrant, you just unleashed the market plethora of Davids against your clumsy Goliath.

Good producers will keep providing both codes and plain text, and keep away from unhealthy ingredients anyway, those are the ones you should spend your pennies on, not the fucktard fakers that wont be transparent about their products and services. I say have at it, they're just digging themselves the graves they'll inevitably need and deserve after shooting themselves in their feet for the fifty-eleventh time.

Technology can always be used for good or bad, it's all about perspective. Let freedom reign!

V for Voluntary!
/ Caly

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"A man chooses, a slave obeys."

  • Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)

Indeed sir!