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RE: Sad State of Affairs at Steemit. How Greed and Lust for Power Corrupts All.

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Justin Sun certainly pissed off many people in powerful positions but he never broke any of Steemit’s constitutional rules enforced by the code of the blockchain. Rules the original dev’s created so they could maintain power but ultimately lost control of based on their own rules. The original dev’s gamed their Own system until it backfired so they created a new game.

Ummm no, your narrative begins entirely off the mark and involves only things that you conjured up, none of which have any kind of semblance to what actually happened. You seem to think that consensus don't mean shit, slandering the top witness as "hackers" over the fact that they formed a consensus to temporarily not allow certain stake to vote and transact is ok, which some think is theft, or hacking, but is neither or even remotely similar and they as the top elected witnesses and embodied will of the community have the ultimate or final say over these things, and consensus is law. FagSunJoe keeps saying 'we' stopped the hackers. FagSumJoe, yeah, you sure did. 20 top witnesses agreed to "hack" you guys, because jelz I'm sure fagsun. Lolk


Justin Sun only did things the Steem blockchain allowed him to do. When he acted out against the powers, the powers created new blockchain. If what he did was not allowed it would not be possible based on the code of the blockchain. I really don't like him either but I also am not a fan of the others.

Such a horrible place this chain became. I don't expect much from Hive other than continuing what this place once was.

You don't get it. It doesn't matter that there wasn't anything done that wasn't allowed by the code, it's the fact that he threatened the network and that he later commandeered it and completely compromised it. Not allowing him to do that is saying that someone allowed him to use exchanges to power up people's steem to be used to vote his sock puppets as witnesses, or that "the code allowed it", as if such a thing could be coded out somehow..

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