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With the current cosmic development of outsourcing universally, the capacity of people to pick their own activity, kind of task they take a shot at and adaptability in working hours has been the significant main impetus. With every one of the open doors in the independent economy, members of this incredible markets ought to make the most of its advantages of this extraordinary market. Be that as it may, shockingly, this isn't so. Today, specialists are frequently exhausted, underestimated and compelled to contend with low quality assignment with least rewards by mediators who has made the outsourcing market unconducive. This is on the grounds that online agents outsourcing and employments commercial center adventure consultants of their installment over the top re-appropriating charges and commissions. By and by, with a large number of online of online stages for redistributing work for specialists universally. The powerlessness to just match the correct consultant to the correct activity is another significant concern. This is to a great extent because of the way that most re-appropriating commercial center are occupied with expanding their incomes and benefits of their separate investors by abusing consultants through redistributing expenses and commissions on employments performed. UMKA, a decentralized work commercial center that will limit exchange cost, increment straightforwardness by taking out go betweens and specialists through its decentralized shared system where freelancers(employee) can discuss specifically with the association or individual giving the errand.


The vision isn't simply to make a pursuit of employment stage yet in addition the make a biological system that commonly benefits the workers and specialists by enabling businesses to set exact prerequisites for consultants while specialists will likewise have the capacity to fabricate their portfolio by playing out these errands and preparing programs accessible in the UMKA environment. To complete this vision and furthermore In request to accomplish one of UMKA's objective of making a specialist network and furthermore give these specialists the best condition for work, instruction and self-awareness. Not at all like most blockchain ventures that utilizes ethereum blockchain UMKA is based on quick, new and more powerful EOS blockchain. Another remarkable component of UMKA is that it has its own savvy get the "Coordinated brilliant contract". The lithe savvy contract is interesting as in it breaks work into cycle and littler units along these lines limiting dangers for both specialist and boss not at all like customary shrewd contracts.


To facilitate crafted by businesses while sourcing for consultants. UMKA stores the information of every client on blockchain introduced as a computerized international ID. This computerized international ID is remarkable to each client as it contains data, for example, instruction, aptitudes and past work involvement and notoriety of such consultant on the UMKA stage. This advanced identification will enable the business to effortlessly character the correct specialist to utilize for the job that needs to be done, in this manner making a productive biological system where consultants equipped for accomplishing an assignment are considered for the activity. UMKA will be a worldwide environment associating distinctive people from each edge of the world. Hence to ease correspondence, Google Neutral Machine Translation (GNMT) is incorporated into UMKA's talk motor to ease correspondence from various clients over the world. Another remarkable component of UMKA decentralized work commercial center is it centers around its locale advancement by enabling it's clients to take in persistently online from universes driving colleges that will be consolidated into the UMKA stage. This will help in enhancing the fitness dimensions of consultants. A worldwide biological community for work the businesses will have the capacity to choose from a pool of specialists on UMKA. In this way allowing the business to choose base on capability levels recorded in specialists international ID. With the rich assets that will be accessible on UMKA consultant can settle on which venture they need to chip away at in light of the fact that there will be a large number of them to look over.


The upper hand of UMKA over other blockchain venture endeavoring to give a similar arrangement is gigantic. To talk about few from this numerous points of interest incorporate the utilization of Agile savvy contracts created by the UMKA group which is not normal for any customary blockchain brilliant contract. The Agile savvy contract will break ventures into littler units and set up achievement dependent on parameters, for example, time, work and spending plan. Additionally, most blockchain extends more often than not have a unitary cryptographic money, however, UMKA decentralized work commercial center will suit 15 digital forms of money and fiat monetary standards with every cash spoken to by the comparing resource on the blockchain.

The UMK Token

UMK token will be based on ethereum blockchain and issued as per the ERC-20 token models. The UMK token is a security and speculation token that gives it's holder the privilege to seek after their ventures intrigue.

Token deal and circulation data

Token name: UMK

Add up to supply: 180,000,000

Value/UMK : $0.1

Delicate top: $1,000,000

Hard top: $10,000,000




The team consists of people who understand business, marketing, innovation, branding, and blockchain technology.


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