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FCC proposes record-setting $225 million fine against robocallers

"The Ajit Pai-era FCC likes to make a big show of punishing robocallers, and that’s truer than ever in 2020. The regulator has proposed a record-setting $225 million fine against Texas-based health insurance telemarketers Jakob Mears and John Spiller for rough…"


Facebook rolls out its dedicated News section to all US users

" Facebook News is now available to all in the US with a section for local updates, although seeing it may require some extra work."


Panasonic mirrorless cameras now work as webcams

" Webcams tend not to have the sharpest picture quality, so in some instances, it might be a better idea to use your DSLR, mirrorless or compact camera instead. However, most computers aren’t equipped to interpret the video signal coming from a camera’..."


Cox slows an entire neighborhood's internet after one person's 'excessive use'

" Cable company Cox Communications is slowing internet speeds of a whole neighborhood if one resident is a heavy user, Ars Technica reported. Cox confirmed that it does enact neighborhood-wide slowdowns to discourage what it calls “excessive use,” but..."


Google is working on Bluetooth fixes for the Pixel Buds

" Google says it's working on a fix for the Bluetooth connectivity and stability issues that have affected some Pixel Buds units since launch."


Many of Georgia's new voting machines aren't working on primary day

"It's primary day in five states and while things seem to be going relatively smoothly in Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina and West Virginia, voters and election workers in Georgia are reporting problems with new voting machines. Workers at some polling pl…"


The next chapter of 'Destiny 2' begins September 22nd with 'Beyond Light'

" The fourth year of 'Destiny 2' will launch on September 22nd with 'Beyond Light,' which brings back The Stranger from the first game."


Microsoft employees ask the company to end contracts with Seattle police

" Hundreds of Microsoft employees are calling on the company to cancel its contracts with the Seattle Police Department (SPD) and make other changes in response to police use of tear gas and other violent tactics during recent peaceful protests, OneZer..."



" アップルが6月22日の開発者会議WWDC20にて、MacのプロセッサをIntel製チップから独自開発チップに移行することを発表するとの噂が報じられています。"


The Winklevoss twins are making a movie about the Winklevoss twins

" David Fincher’s movie The Social Network committed the origins of Facebook to film. A major part of that drama brought to light how Mark Zuckerberg allegedly stole an idea from the Winklevoss twins to create Facebook. According to Deadline, Cameron a..."



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