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I think I wrote an article a few days ago about how to readjust my budget, make some changes, and somehow work on rising prices.

One of the things I mentioned was an application I came across. Actually, I came across it a few months ago, but I didn't think too much. The growing threat of prices in the grocery stores made me seriously rethink my previous doubts, so I decided to download the app and take a look.

There are only a few stores working with this app in my area, but two of them are just minutes away from us. I looked at the deals between the two and decided to seriously consider the purchase.

After making my decision, I spoke to my husband and he decided we could try it. I ordered 3 mixed boxes at $ 5.00 per piece. The pictures made it difficult to see how big the boxes were, so after my husband got home from work, I wasn't sure what to expect when we went to pick them up.

The thing about these boxes is that you know you are producing, but you are not always sure what exactly you are getting, whether it's fruit, vegetables, or a mix of both. It is like a mysterious box, but without shipping fees and the generally high price tag.

We thought it was a worse scenario where we would never order from them again. When we got in, we encountered a small snag and mess with one of the boxes, but they asked if we would like to choose any of the other active deals to replace it. Since we knew nothing but the fact that it was produced in the first place, we thought why not. So we chose a different box and went home.

After returning home, we went through the boxes and I was pleasantly surprised. I was half expecting most of the fruit to be unusable, but there were only 2 pieces in the entire order we decided to get rid of.

After reviewing and placing all 3 boxes, I decided out of curiosity to take the inventory. I wanted to see exactly how much (minus the 2 pieces we threw) $ 15.00 circle reached us.

Please don't mind the messy pantry.

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