Ulogs - my 1 fine day

in ulogs •  7 months ago

Hello Everyone!

How you'll doin?

Today is quite a fun day for me, Went out with my best bud all day and went to the gym.

Just had hours strolling in the mall and went to landers superstore to grab some early dinner.


Had some pizza and Pasta Marinara


Dinner was great, full & satisfied with my food choice.

My friend who's on a diet somehow forgor she's on a diet!20180513_204958.jpg

I had big appetite after 6 hours walking inside the mall. Just strolling around, taking time to window shop and some thinking what to buy next salary that i really need. But somehow i just realized i only need some groceries for stocks.

After dinner we went straight to anytime fitness Gym



Spent 3 hours in the gym, did some treadmill for an hour, Bicycle for 30 mins and some stretching & play around with the kettle bell.

So what's funny today is after hour Gym session my friend can't help but crave for some Balot (exotic philippine food made of Duck egg)

So there's go my 3 hours in the gym. Went to the duck egg.

Hahah but today was super fun and crazy!

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