ULOG| Just any Monday | 070918

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Hello everyone!

So it's monday and guess what the AC's in the office are not functioning so it's like hell!

My co workers and I had to attend a little training. Just sa refresher on our Job Description which we support TV cable service repair over the phone

20180709_174626.jpg This is us goofing around while waiting for our training.

20180709_174826.jpg This is me and my cousin we were together and smilling around for the difficult quiz we are about to take

20180709_174641.jpg Our little booster snacks some chocolate to fuel some sugar in our system to get through our 9 hour shift in the contact center.

20180709_174812.jpg and Oh Boy Lunch is Great! Had an amazing meal we had Pancit Canton and Some Calamari!

Workinh in the BPO is somehow stressful in someways not physically stressful but mentally stressful.

There you go folks sharing to you my Monday!

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